‘Chumbak’ Review: Akshay Kumar produces a Marathi film that embodies a beautiful story

Chumbak is a movie with lots of real characters with real battles. It doesn’t have a commercial aspect, but it works for the film. Specifically, Swanand Kirkire steals the show.

Baalu ​​(Sahil Jadhav) wants to cheat on a guy with his girlfriend Disco. The man, Prasana (Swanand Kirkire), is too bright and honest for the two boys. Disco, clinging to its wrong principles, gave up shortly after warming Baalu ​​to Prasanna for unknown reasons. The film explores their journey together.

Chumbak starts with stunning graphics.

Take a different shot of the cane stall at sunrise. The effects displayed on a simple grid will keep you in awe for quite a while. Then we meet Sahil Jadhav. He worked hard. The child had the face of someone who had to fight for basic survival. How his personality changed with his friend Disco is relatively straightforward and noteworthy.

Simple, natural and with no other background music, this movie does a great job. Fundamental and practical life at the Disco will hit you hard. Its scenes with world-famous scenes are so natural that they will surprise you. Baalu ​​then meets the first victim of Prasana’s scam. He is a nervous man who loves money very much. It makes Baalu ​​nervous and has feelings for the man.

The film mentions Raghuram Rajan, the then chairman of the RBI. Soon Suan and Kirkire, and Sahil Jadhav face each other. This is one of the funny things. Swanand wins you from the first frame. It only increases as the film progresses. He is so charming that he will make you smile.

As practical as a disco, Baalu ​​is just as sensitive. This creates the perfect balance in their friendship. It is also worth noting how Disco Baal helped under challenging times. How a man that both men thought was worthless got them to follow him. It is a story that will blow your mind. On the other hand, Suanand’s message to his wife is the most beautiful thing you will experience in the film.

Prasanna and Baalu does ​​become the partners in crime in the most unusual way.

Then we understand the prehistory of Baal. The fight between the two is also filmed very simply. But manages to show each other’s frustrations in life in the best possible way. Fortunately, the film is never too dark and has distinctive lines in all the right places, much like Panduranga’s dialogue.

Chumbak is an outstanding researcher of the struggle of the lower classes. This shows that people like Baalu, Prasana, and Disco face situations differently. But somehow stick together to help each other no matter what.

This film was shot in natural light in a real environment. This makes the Chumbak a much more attractive watch. It’s also refreshing from the story in the city of Mumbai. Here the main characters go on a journey and find themselves in a village which is the home of Prasanna. The scene was truly shocking.

History returns in ways you don’t expect. Swanand’s expression in the last scene will touch you never like before. The last scene contains too many references to Baalu’s transformation. Sahil Jadhav did it too. He said: “I was lost”, the sun was shining, saw new opportunities. When he was at a crossroads in life, and suggested the same.

There isn’t a single shot in Chumbak that you don’t like. The story is beautiful, the performances are excellent. And all the actors, especially Swan Kirkire, were thrilled from the first frame to the last. Chamba is a film not to be missed.

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