“Babloo Bachelor” Review: We weren’t overly impressed with the history of this Bachelor

The wealthy Thakur-Zamindar family from UP (Uttar Pradesh) want a big. A fat wedding for their son Babloo (Sharman Joshi), who is still 35 years old. Bachelor status, or is about to learn to love and accept, is all about his actions.

Starting the scene from the matchmaking ad broadcast on the radio:

Even Babloo changed the channel on the way home and set the tone of the film. His search for the perfect partner leads him to meet many girls. But none of them works until he meets Avantica (Puja Chopra). He immediately fell in love with her, and they also seemed to get along well. But when the wedding preparations were in full swing, he asked her to refuse to marry him. Even though he was heartbroken, he didn’t say anything to his family and lived as usual.

Later, at his cousin’s wedding, he meets Swati (Tejashri Pradhan). And they are so attached that their family decides to marry them. However, he dropped it while he was sleeping during his honeymoon. And opted for a career in show business in Mumbai. Because he didn’t get another big chance if he turned down the offer to do the show.

Then, after some hesitation, Bablu gave in to his father’s offer to return to Bahu Swati and came to Mumbai. When his first attempt to meet Swati places him in police custody, he meets Avantica, who saves him. He works as a senior journalist for an entertainment channel, helping them meet Swati.

Sharman Joshi is doing well as a 35-year-old bachelor who has been searching for the perfect partner for seven years.

She conveys different emotions appropriately. While Babloo realizes that love and acceptance are more important in the long run. Than a seemingly perfect couple, which can lead to disaster later. It’s only when she wiggles her legs at the wedding song “Banna Banni” and the fast pub song “Jealous” that she looks weird. Puja Chopra (Commandos) does a decent job as Avantika, and Tejashri is as good as the ambitious Swati. Rajesh Sharma as Babloo’s father, Manoj Joshi as uncle and Akash Dabade and Sumit Gulati as friends provide the necessary support.

The Babloo Bachelor is an attractive requirement for UP people. Who is actually looking for a life partner and the woman he meets in his search. Most of the time, though, Saurabh Pandey’s script doesn’t work. And sometimes it gets to the point where you wonder when and where it will end. There is also a cliché scene where father and son smoke and get emotional about the latter’s marital problems. Swati is hesitant to recognize Babloo during their first meeting in Mumbai. Avantika cannot express her love for Babloo until her boss tells her that she will accept it or forget it.

The soundtrack composed by Jeet Ganguli is acceptable, but you won’t leave the theatre with a song.

All said and done, Babloo Scholars will be able to write and perform better. And despite Sharman’s spirited performance, the film fails to impress. This is the first film where I see ugly Rajesh Sharma feeling uncomfortable like Babloo’s dad.

The script and director did. Manoj Joshi ham. Aakash Dabhade, as the hero’s cousin, is irresistible, so is Sumit Gulati as his cousin. Of the two heroines, Tejashri Pradhan is almost okay, while Puja Chopra has some better nuances. And Asrani has nothing to do.

Sharman Joshi could have saved the film. But there was only so much he could do with half-baked characters, and he did. The balanced and virgin 35-year-old man from Lucknow dances in “Jealous” like worldly Punjabi. And is put in strange situations like the last marriage and can do nothing but join the movement.

It can be a fun ride, but not halfway through. It doesn’t go further. Of course, we miss Govinda in such an incredibly romantic adventure. She has the potential of “Coolie No. 1” (precisely the one from 1995) but even compared to the fun “FryDay” of 2018.