Recent reports suggest that Miley Cyrus has now broken up with Kaitlynn Carter. After this happened, her ex-husband Liam’s brother Chris Hemsworth. Says that he will do anything to keep his brother with him in Australia and far away from Miley Cyrus.

During the short-lived relationship of one month, it seemed like the two were getting very close and that Miley might just settle with Kaitlynn. However, we all know how that turned out.

Also, some reports suggest that Miley’s family wants her to get back with Kaitlynn Carter. On the other hand, Chris Hemsworth wants to keep his baby brother away from Miley at all costs. This means that he wants his brother to stay with him and their family in Australia.

According to the article “Chris Hemsworth Vows To Keep Baby Brother Liam In Australia And Far Away From Newly Single Miley Cyrus”, “Many people are questioning why Miley’s and Liam’s relationship ended the way it has and now that she and Kaitlynn have split, after approximately a month of dating, some are questioning whether Miley suffered a bipolar episode”.

They further added, “Many are suggesting that the way Miley seemed to leave the marriage. So quickly and that Liam Hemsworth was reportedly blindsided by her actions. And the ultimate split, that Miley may have suffered some sort of breakdown or bipolar episode”.

To make things interesting, Miley Cyrus posted a picture of herself in a black bikini and a cropped white tank top with the caption “Goodbyes are never easy… but g2g” (g2g: got to go) on Instagram. Reports suggest that it might be a cryptic comment towards Liam Hemsworth and Kaitlyn Carter.

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Goodbyes are never easy… ? but g2g

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