A New Halloween Game: After Party, About To Come Out

Just in time for Halloween, Night School Studio is set to release its new game called After Party. The game will follow two friends who get sent to hell. And now they have to play drinking games with various monsters and demons down there. So, it’s an after-party in hell.

We get a hint of the gameplay in the E3 2018 gameplay video posted on Night School Studio’s official YouTube channel. Players will play as two friends Milo and Lola who pass away while they are at a party and then get sent to hell. There, they encounter some demons and monsters who reveal the fact that they are dead and are in hell now. You then play as Lola who competes with other monsters and Demons in various drinking games.


Of course, the game has a Halloween theme and the release date will be some time in October 2019, as reports suggest. According to the article “Night School Studio’s Unique Afterparty Is Set To Release In October”, “This time, they’ve dialed up the humor and it works out pretty great in Afterparty. You see, two friends have found themselves in Hell. The only way they’ll be able to leave is if they out-drink Satan. That’s right. You’ll have to take down the underworld through consuming alcohol. It’s a pretty bizarre concept on paper, but somehow has a lot of charm when played firsthand”.

They further added “The developers decided to add an intelligent conversation system in this game, which will direct how this game plays out. The questions you answer and the details you disclose to various characters in the underworld will shape both Milo and Lola’s fate. There is thus added weight to every action you take”.

In a nutshell, your actions and choices will decide the type of people you meet on your journey.

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