Chaavu Kaburu Challaga Movie Review: Basthi Balaraju falls for a young widow called Mallika

Trying to summarize the essence of philosophy in the film is a complicated business – trying too hard, and you can make it heavily, and thin efforts can thwart the film. Chaavu Kaburu Challaga Director Koushik Pegallapati found the right balance, mostly, who made the film watch a watch.

A Film with Kartikya and Tripathi Lavanya in the leading role:

On the surface, it’s about Basthi Balaraju (Kartikeya Gummakonda). And how his life was intertwined with Mallika (Lavanya Tripathi). However, this is played on the surface. If you investigate more profound, you will face the real film soul.

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Balaraju, a car driver, fell in love with Mallika when he went to pick up her husband Peter’s body for the last ritual. The premise may seem strange, but from Balaraju’s point of view, it appears as a divine act without bias.

The Mallika world is very different from Balaraju. He worked as a nurse in the Pregnant Ward Government Hospital. He appreciated the joy of birth and recognized the cost of death.

By placing instructions in different professions, director films question how we choose to see life and death. He tried to connect two extremes using love as a great leveler.

This film boasts some unforgettable dialogue. They are quite simple while reflecting the vision of the director.

Apart from the tin couple, what happens as a surprise for the audience is Aamani’s character. He played Basthi Balarju’s mother. He is a street vendor, and her husband is lying on the bed.

Aamani’s character has a love song which is a crucial focal point in the narrative. Despite watching his husband’s health deteriorate for years, he never left his family.

However, after some emotional confrontation with his mother, Balaraju realized the truth behind his mother’s life and redeeming errors.

There are many similarities between character essays by Lavanya and Aamani: Community norms prevent both to be happy and live a more satisfying life. Through them, the director questioned the rigidity of such rules and their validity today and age.

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Apart from this, the film failed to translate emotions convincingly.

In front of acting, Kartikya won applause for the depiction of Basthi Balaraju. Lavanya Tripathi shows an exemplary screen presence, but Aamani’s character and appearance came as a big surprise.

Debutant Director Koushik Pegallapati has a big dream in his eyes – he wants to destroy stereotypes but simultaneously employs every trop of commercial cinema.

Chaavu Kaburu Chalaga is an annoying Mishmash that makes you gasp with surprise and sigh with despair every few minutes in runtime for 2 hours to 17 minutes. The aim is honorable – for reasons that women are permitted. To live a happy life regardless of their situation.

Balarju Heartse Basthi Driver (Kartikeya) has seen too many deaths in a short period:

So much so that he doesn’t believe there is something monumental in passing. He did something ‘Hero,’ which he was not expected to do.

To fall in love with the young widow of Mallika (Lavanya Tripathi). Even when he took her husband’s body to the grave. But what he did next was what the ‘hero’ would do in the commercial cinema.

By stalking and harassing it. Even though he was disgusted and even the police’s involved. Because love can face any obstacles.

Mallika reasons he appreciates life because he works in the maternity ward. Who sees beauty in it every day while he sees reality in death. There is a philosophy in this film located deep in all dramas.

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There is also a problem with Balaraju (Aamani), who is not a typical mother. Even when he perfected his son for his antics, caring for his husband lying on the bed.

He found comfort in a bottle of whiskey every day and an innocent friendship with others. Mallika’s in-laws are also nothing but typical. His father-in-law (Murli Sharma) did not want him to live a lonely life. He hoped he found his lost smile (during that time with the man who chose).