Castlevania Season 4 Review: Netflix’s Castlevania comes to a satisfying end with bends

Season 4 of Netflix’s Castlevania brought this series to close to high tones that exploded and surprisingly while managing to provide a satisfying end for each of the favourite character fans. A successful escape, this performance is an adaptation.

Of one of the most influential inspired video game franchises of all time. And attracts its narrative from Castlevania 3: Dracula curse. The first two seasons from the show followed Trevor Belmont trio, Sypha and Alucard (aka Adrian Tepes).

When they travelled across the land of Wallachia to stop the jacula. That was hit by sadness and revenge. From destroying burned the territory of the wife on a pile.

Previously on Season 3 of Castlevania:

This season takes precisely where season 3 leaves, with Trevor and Sypha trying to clean up the remaining Dracula troops who died from the ground. Alucard decided to help protect the villagers of the helpless Danesi City. Elsewhere, Dracula, trusted by an Ishac ruler, raised a night creature forces.

To help him get revenge on the people responsible for the death of his master. The Cunning Vampire Queen Carmilla and the Hector player.

The latter enslaved and forced to fill the ranks of the former army to help His wage war on humanity. And in the middle of it all, the mysterious number of Saint Germain returns with its motif: opening a portal to an infinite corridor.

Castlevania has been a brilliant love letter to fans of the series since 2017. The 4 season closes the last chapter in the version of this story.

At the same time, we are opening the door for the new incarnation on the road. This final swing was successfully packaged in quite a lot of fun. And emotional resonance services and introduced a few surprising bends along the way.

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How do Dracula and Lisa survive?

Introduced in season 3, it was revealed that Count Saint Germain. The eccentric occult helped Trevor and Sypha closed the portal to Hell. It has been desperately working with several different characters to help realize Dracula’s return.

While everyone wants to see Dracula back to complete the bloody job he starts on the earth. Saint Germain has its special reasons. He wants to trap Dracula’s soul with his wife Lisa in rebook body.

The perfect alchemy of fusion men and women. The creation that will help him control The corridor is unlimited, and he finds love in his life.

However, when Saint Germain managed to reap both of Hell. He revealed that his colleagues Varney and Alchemists were dead. An ancient entity who had manipulated the plan of Saint Germain’s count from the start.

Saint Germain decided to help Trevor Belmont defeat death, but the spell he used to steal Vlad and Lisa Tepes from Hell Works. At the end of the series, the two of them had returned to live in the Wallachian countryside, considering the new start with rituals.

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The death of Castlevania (Grim Reaper) explained.

In video games, death is a primordial created from evil in the human heart and is partly responsible for the events that changed Dracula to the dark God. However, the explanation in the show is slightly different.

Castlevania’s death is not a sign of neutral death because he describes it in the most popular culture. On the contrary, an ancient element entity chooses a form similar to the description of humanity from Grim Reaper. Most like vampires: He is a pure creature of evil that exist for partying in the souls who have just died.

Death has appeared in every significant Castlevania entry except for Castlevania: Adventure and Castlevania 2: Revenge Belmont. In every instalment, it is described as a loyal follower and soldier to Dracula.

This event respects this by having death into a true architect behind the plot to raise Dracula because death stands to benefit significantly from the massacre of Wallachia Dracula.

How did Trevor defeat death (and what did he use?)

After Varney revealed his original identity as a death in the second episode of this series. Trevor Belmont decided that it was up to him to destroy the creature once and for all.

Bring his inheritance as a full circle of monster hunters. Meanwhile, the terrible battle was one where Trevor finally won. Using the morning star to keep the massive form of death at a distance before giving the final blow to the monster’s head.

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Using the blessed dagger that he found below it, Targoviste. While the show told the viewers that used the blade to fight with God himself, it tastes like an intentional reference for the sacrificial subclass of weapons that appear in any video incarnation of Castlevania.