Carnaval Review: It tries to captivate us with interesting people in swimwear, a beautiful seafront atmosphere

Nina (Giovana Cordeiro) is a significant influencer on the road. But it’s not easy – he has 327,000 followers of Instagram, which means he eats ramen noodles, take a bus, and dream of reaching one million.

His happiness went straight into the crapper when his girlfriend, a set of abs with their heads, and who we met because he destroyed the throne in the gym, dumped him for some 1,437 followers.

CREEPY. He is a superficial cretin! Nina did some pouted posts:

Which aroused her best friend’s concern: Mayra (Bruna Inocencio), a lover with agoraphobia; Michelle (Jessica Kayane), which makes it only with human men with a pulse. And Vivi (Samya Pascotto), a geeky who won’t kiss a man who can’t answer Harry Potter and return to future trivia questions.

I’m sure these people have other personality properties, but why would you be interested in those stupid things? Whaddaya thinks this, a boring piece of Oscar bait?

To add to Nina’s misery, his separation resulted in a viral meme labeled him Cuckfit Cuckold. But fate took it because even though he was embarrassed, he was still very handsome.

I thought that was why he had an invitation to Salvador for the carnival as a Freddy Nunes (Micael) guest, a pop singer who currently hit the lyrics feature, “Intimate with booty “(maybe something is missing in the translation of Portuguese to English?).

Nina Finagles an agreement so she can bring Mayra, Michelle, and Vivi, and many cacophonous screams and make fun and move it because that’s what makes humans will become a funny film about humans thinking funny films do.

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So women packed several dozen clothing each and business to Salvador:

Where body hair is on such a premium, one assumes the removal is a regional mandate. It’s not so good before it gets better and then worse and then better and worse and finally better because that’s the way these films leave.

It turns out that the premium resort is only for influencers with a million followers, so they are trapped in an ugly resort where children run to you and just blow you up with weapons squirting for no reason.

We fulfill several additional characters: Salvador (Jean Pedro) is their host, and he has eyes for Nina, who might collide with Freddy’s plan to make him his homework, but not his real girlfriend, something that made him sad but would make him very sad stack and shitpile followers.

Luana (Flavia Pavanelli) is a mega-influencer and idol Nina, and she tells Nina to throw away luggage friends if she wants to succeed as a social media star. It sounds like a piece of great advice and is not a reason to introduce a conflict that is meaningless to the plot! Meanwhile, Vivi met with fellow geeked.

Michelle might have found love instead of only the object of lust, and Mayra may only have the opportunity to overcome their fear of the crowd without spending thousands of therapy, which I am pretty sure how to work real life. Will this chaos end neatly at that time it’s over? I will not get intimate with spoilers!

The verdict:

Carnaval is one of the films that tries hard to be funny that it’s not funny. The effort is on the screen on the screen. Where cast vibrations and mugs and gears to turn on a more shallow scenario than a half-full shot glass. The character is a cliche. A joke is a cliche.

The situation is cliche. As for the film statement that life must be experienced with meat and friends of blood and lovers and not through the smartphone screen? Also cliche. A big, stupid, fat, clear, and I would say the film spoke to us. If it was smart enough to realize what he did, which I thought wasn’t.

Visually, this film must be some people from beautiful people. And sights but don’t sit still long enough to appreciate beauty. It was as if edited for brevity instead of clarity.

Coming as blurred costumes and different locals driven by reading dialogue and plot development without alcohol. The story is here choppy and cut off, cruelly jumping from the scene to the scene. Comedy and sentiment briefly found traction sequentially where Salvador took Nina and co.

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Far from glamorous fakeoid from the party scene for a tour of the city. So they can feel the earth’s salt. But now it passes because this film cares more about looking good than really good.

Just pass. Ironically, Carnaval wants to say something about superficiality. And things but never really are under the surface of the character or situation.