“Camp Confidential: America’s Secret Nazis” Review: A Short Film Taking New Perspectives on Operation Paperclip

We saw the tape drum machine spinning. After World War II, a secret military camp known as P.O. Box 1142 was found, and what happened there wasn’t released until the early 2000s.

In 2006, the men stationed there took part in interviews about their experiences. Arno Meyer and Peter Weiss were there. And we saw them come alive as they told their stories.

Their experiences are very similar:

They had recently launched ships from Europe, some of them military refugees and ready. As Meyer put it, “to kill the Germans,” so they joined the American army. Some German-speaking people got on the bus. And also drives south from Columbia without knowing. What they were doing it was not shipped overseas.

They came to a remote camp called P.O. Box 1142 and was surprised to see a swimming pool, tennis court. And other facilities that looked more like a “country club” than a “military facility”.

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The captured Nazis are brought in, and Meyer, Weiss, and their compatriots learn that their job is to gather information. In particular, information about the German V-2 missiles used by the Nazis to level London.

Then the war ended. But working at P.O. Field 1142 is not finished yet. Undercover of darkness, the United States brought with it several German scientists. Including Werner von Braun, a high-ranking Nazi who was one of the leading developers of the V-2. Jewish men were ordered to “interrogate”.

The Nazi scholars by engaging them in chess, tennis, or the like. To buy Christmas gifts for their families in Germany. And translate Christmas sermons to Nazis, both Catholics and Protestants. These American Jews saw many of their species killed by the Nazis, and here they must avoid their worst enemy.

To say they are disgusted is an understatement.

“I can’t have any human with them,” Meyer said. “I can not.” The rage is tired but evident decades later. And that emotional component. Along with Loushy and Sivan’s creative visual approach, makes Camp Confidential brevity.

Of course, there’s more to this story than can be told in these 35 minutes. Still, while Operation Clip – the popular name for the assimilation of Nazi scientists. Into the U.S. government after World War II. And sometimes Nazi scholars made fun of Mayer and called him “Little Jewish Boy.” and Weiss.

Remarkably, Jewish men had to confront their individual and collectively traumatized perpetrators. They talk about how to carry out orders that seem immoral by any measure.

And then they have to watch as morally degenerate people like von Braun enjoy the fruits of American life. To get good government jobs, and have better lives than many Americans. Who don’t participate in mass murder.

Von Braun’s knowledge of rocket science led him. To become a key figure in the Apollo program; His recognition ranges from a cross for Nazi military service to a NASA medal for excellence. He has a crater on the moon named after him.

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Meanwhile, men like Meyer and Weiss live unimaginable lives. And their comments illustrate how much they are still loved by P.O. Box 1142. At least they deserve credit, and so Camp Confidential has a solid emotional and intellectual punch.

Camp Confidential: America’s Secret Nazis meticulously depicts a slice of World War II history. With worthy of a significant international platform like Netflix.