Brahmarakshas Season 2: Release Date, Plot, Cast, and Trailer Details

Brahmarakshas: Jaag Utha Shaitan, the much famed and popular supernatural-fiction show of Zee TV is back with another season. This time with a few new actors joining the show, the audiences all over the country are eagerly waiting for season 2. 

Inspired by “Beauty and the beast” and the Bollywood film “Jaani Dushman,” the show’s first season became an instant hit. Producers of the show are none other than Ekta Kapoor and Shobha Kapoor

Therefore, if you have an interest in knowing about the release date of Season 2 and the new cast, read on. We will also be discussing the plot of the show and the details of its trailer. 

Release Date: 

Without wasting any time, we want our viewers to know that there is NO official release date for Season 2. However, on their official social media page, the show has a tag of “coming soon.”

Undoubtedly, Corona-Virus pandemic is hampering everything in the country. Hence, the delay in the show’s release date is entirely unavoidable. 

However, with the restrictions now uplifted from the shooting, we can expect the show to air very soon. It will be coming on the weekend, as usual. The show will air at 9:00 p.m.


The story of Brahmarakshas, a demon from the Asursthal, was not always a demon. The story goes around a wealthy and renowned Sanjay. Who belongs to a small town Kamalpur, possessing a golden-heart and kind individuality, marries the love of his life Aprajita. However, on their wedding night, his wife kills him and betrays him for his money.

After this incident, a Gorilla attacks Sanjay, and he becomes Brahmarakshas, the demon. Brahmarakshas have hate for brides as they remind him of Aparajita. He has an aversion for Bridal Jewellery and the color Vermilion. 

Furthermore, fast-forwarding 20 years, a modern family moves to Kamalpur. And guess what? They are related to Aparajita! Aparajita is old now and an aunt to the young relatives who moved to Kamalpur.

Watch as the Brahmarakshas appear out of nowhere only to kill Aprajita. After that, she even transforms into a Brahmarakshas. The story then takes complex turns with all the family members taking turns trying to get control over the Brahmarakshas. 


The main cast has:

  • Krystle D’Souza is playing Raina Rishabh Shrivastava.
  • Aham Sharma is playing Rishabh Shrivastava.
  • Parag Tyagi is playing the Brahmarakshas and Thakur Sanjay.
  • Kishwer Merchant is playing Aparajita/Brahmarakshas.

On the other hand, the remaining cast includes:

  • Shahab Khan is playing Suresh Sharma.
  • Shailesh Datar is playing Nalin Shrivastava.
  • Rishabh Shukla as Thakur Aditya Nigam.
  • Srishti Maheshwari is playing Mitali Nigam.
  • Sonia Rakkar is playing Gayatri Malhotra.
  • Sahil Uppal is playing Ajay Malhotra.
  • Aparna Mehta is playing Jasmeet Shrivastava/Jassi/Dadi Bua.

While the actors like Tejaswini Prakash, Niyati Fatnani, Adeeba Husain, and Gaurav Bajaj are speculating that they can be a part of the show, the names of the rest of the new cast members will be updated on the show soon.

Trailer Details: 

There has been no trailer yet for Season 2. However, it’s expected to be released soon. It will be released as an advertisement on Zee TV. It will also be available to watch on YouTube. We will be getting a glimpse into Season 2 through the trailer. 

In conclusion, season 2 of Brahmarakshas is expected to be released soon. Most probably, in the final quarter of 2020. We have a close eye on all the recent updates regarding the show. If you are interested in staying updated, make sure to check out again!