“Black As Night” Review: The Teens V Vampire Tale Set In Spooky New Orleans

The second year of Amazon Prime’s Scary Movies quiz series during the Welcome to Columbia season begins. With Black as Night, similar to Buffy in modern-day New Orleans.

It stars Asha Cooper — who will appear on Netflix’s Frightfest There’s Someone Inside Your House next week. Like a teenager who commits suicide when she realizes that vampires are viciously attacking the city’s most oppressed citizens.

A homeless man is being tormented in the street by a shopping trolley full of pop boxes:

When three men with bright red eyes and fists full of pointy mouse teeth. Who jump out of the shadows and burst into guts. Tearing him off his hips and eventually knocking him out. Cut to the roof where Shauna (Cooper) and his best friend Pedro (Fabrizio Guido) shine.

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Ton: “The summer I got boobs was the same summer I fought vampires,” joked Sean. This is a massive change for the shy wallflower type. Who has to reach out and slip into a lovely dress and leave the house. But guess which of the two are really ready and trying to kill a vampire? This is true.

Shawna visits Ombreaux, the last housing project in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. This is a crime scene where dealers in the yard rule drug addicts in their homes. One of them is Sean’s mother (Kenesha Thompson), who was kicked out of the family. She loves Sean, but she struggles with his addiction.

There are many vibrations. That Night, Sean and Pedro throw a party where they fail to impress their big, muscular crush Chris (Mason Beauchamp) and escape early – even better if a vampire can attack them and bite them on their way home.

However – he did not become a vampire. Curious. Pedro doesn’t believe vampire stories and thinks of them as overcooked fried balloons. However, he believes that vampires are targeting drug addicts and the homeless, which raises concern. Pedro stopped by while they checked on his mother.

Who showed some noferatui authoritarian tendencies, such as hissing and biting and burning in the sun. Angry and hurt over his mother’s death. Sean vows to find out who hurt his mother.

With the vampire and then send her into the void of eternal love. He needs help, so Pedro joins him, along with Chris and the eccentric vampire expert Granya (Abby Gale).

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Black as Night works hard to establish the socioeconomic dynamics of post-Katrina.

New Orleans through the hardships of the Sean family. They’ve been forced to leave their home, their mother’s downward spiral was fueled by tragedy. And now there’s an existential threat to “them” “wanted to tear down Ombreaux.

Which was a dumping ground but also a focal point for black people. There was some debate about Sean’s confident feelings about his darker skin than the more popular Creole girls at school.

Then he saw the vampire, and he exploded to ashes and turned white temporarily. And there was a moment when he shut a vampire and asked what it was like to have garlic in your face “Have you ever been tear-gassed by the police?” – he replied.

So writing is brilliant – even more intelligent than most of the others. Technically, it’s wedged in with fragmented dialogue and action sequence adaptations that are incomprehensible due to blurry lighting, unstable cameras, and multiple passes through the Confuse-o-Tron editing engine.

His attempts to create a playful, buffet-like tone disappear and his dialogue clumsy. He finds Keith David, the classic villain in Babineaux and then burdens him with ridiculous speeches.

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His character never had any particularity. He had more than an hour of fun, then rushed to a chaotic climax. It’s easy to admire the film’s ambitious outlook. But it couldn’t cope with his shallow thinking and dramatic lack of neglect.

Black as Night” has its moments, but the refreshing tale with Black Experience isn’t enough to bring this shabby vampire tale to life.