Anupama 23 December 2020: Vanraj’s Job Is In Danger!

Anupama was taking blessings from Bapuji and said life had given another chance to be forward, Bapuji. She took a blessing from Baa and said Baa, I have to start school from the 1st date onwards. Mamaji said to study hard and bring the first number. Bapuji replied, my bundle of memories; Anu is going to teach students not to study there. Mamaji said, I know, I remember that.

Paritosh said, congratulations, mother. The new beginning in New Year! Everyone in the house claps for Anupama.

She got happy and said, thank you, thank you! Baa said, you got the job, but whether it will sustain? Now, if you go to school early morning, then who will do household works. And if you do household work, then how will you reach school at 8:00 a.m.?

Kinjal said, Baa, why are you discouraging mother-in-law? Baa replied, what? What am I doing? Kinjal replied, discourage! It means you must build up her courage, not to break her courage. Baa said I would break; I will break utensils, chair, and even her courage too. Who are you to teach me? Kinjal said Baa, please don’t take it otherwise. I am just trying to say that we all must support our mother-in-law together. The household work will be done.

Baa said the household work couldn’t complete from talking while it has to be done, then only it will happen. And for doing household work, one should know how to do it. And your mother didn’t teach you anything. Kinjal replied Baa, please! Why you always bring my mother in between every conversation?

Baa said I would bring her. This happens, and this is the ritual. Whenever there is a fight between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, mother-in-law always taunts daughter-in-law’s mother. And you just open your mouth and said household work would be done, but how? I can’t do it, and you don’t know how to do it, then whether Jhilmil will be there for the entire day.

Kinjal replied, Baa, but I will try to do it. Eventually, I will learn everything, Baa. Baa said, oh, then till the time you will learn, we will eat milk and bread? Kinjal said but Baa; meanwhile, Anupama interrupts and said Kinjal, dear!

Anupama said to Baa, from last, sometimes whatever happens in our life, all that happens instantly. We thought that we couldn’t handle it, but we handled it. Along with the changes, we change ourselves too. The pain from which we came out, this is nothing in comparison to that pain. This is only household work. It will be difficult, initially. There will be some mistakes too. But we will handle it together. We will also get used to the change. Don’t worry, mother-in-law. I will not let you suffer because of my job.

Kinjal said I would try my best to help. Samar added we would help as much as possible. Bapuji said, you are absolutely right. If everyone does their own task, then Anupama won’t be burdened. Mamaji agreed right. I will do everything on my own. But what do I have to do? Bapuji replied, work by self. Mamaji said, I know. I remember it.

Baa said, that’s alright. But if there is any problem, I will not hold back on my taunts. Mamaji replied that it is your birthright. Anupama said I have to say one thing our Kinjal is very lucky for us. I got a job as soon as she came to our house.

Kinjal become happy, said mother-in-law, and hugged Anupama!
Baa said that is alright. But her mom is going to come in the evening to discuss the wedding. Think about it first. She said to Anupama, listen, it’s your responsibility to handle her mother. If she bares her fangs, I will not hold back. I will say more than she can take.

Nandini is taking the selfie; meanwhile, Samar came and joined the picture.

Nandini said Samar! Samar replied Nandu! What happened? Nandini asked, why did you call me Nandu? Samar said Nandu is the shorter form of Nandini. Is it cute? Nandini replied, very cute. Both of them laughed.

Samar said, “Nandu sabka Bandu!” Nandini replied sometimes, such gestures mean a lot. Samar said, you are right. My mother also says we keep running after the bigger achievements, but the smaller things in our lives have more joy. For example, the happiness in finding Rs.10 in the pocket of an old trouser! The happiness in giving a nickname to our friend! Nandini replied, correct!

Samar said, by the way, there is good news; mom got a job at the school. Nandini replied, really? You know, Anu aunty is really a rock star! It is not easy to stand up after falling, especially when a loved one causes the downfall. Samar said that reason is coming home today. Nandini asked Vanraj’s uncle coming home. Samar replied yes for talking about Toshu brother and Kinjal’s wedding. Nandini asked can I say something, Samar. I know it is difficult but just forgive and forget. At least, try to do it.

Samar replied, I can’t do it. After what he did neither, I can forgive him, nor can I forget his deeds. Right now, he is not the reason behind my tension, but my mother is the reason. I am wondering how she will manage her job along with the house. Nandini said, don’t take stress, Samar. Take up some responsibility. Clean your own room and iron your clothes. When everyone extends help, everything will be fine.

Anupama and Kinjal are working in the kitchen. Anupama said, you don’t have to do this, dear. Go and study. Kinjal replied, no, mother-in-law. I have been studying since morning. I needed a break. Let me do this. Anupama said, okay, alright. Let me teach you how to do this. Take the leaves, okay. Then, throw away the stem. Do it. Kinjal replied, okay. Anupama said, well.

Kinjal plucked the leaves and threw them as garbage.

Kinjal said, oh! Sorry, Mother-in-law. Anupama replied it’s alright, dear. You can peel the potato. I teach you that day how to peel it. Kinjal tried to peel the potato, but the potato falls. She said, Sorry! Anupama said, keep the knife aside. You will cut your hand, my dear. You don’t have to do it. Stop it.

Pakhi saw them and remembers the time she spent with Anupama. Anupama said to Pakhi, ‘it’s done my mithudi.’ Pakhi thought all of mom’s attention and love is towards sister-in-law. Dad never ignores me.

Pakhi entered the kitchen and said, mom! When dad comes to discuss the wedding, I will go with him. Anupama replied, dear, I will not stop you from going with him, but it will be better if you come back by evening. There is only one room in the house. It will be difficult there. Pakhi said, mummy, don’t worry! That’s between dad and me. We will adjust. I will ask dad to take leave tomorrow, so his entire time will be mine. Let me pack my bag.

Anupama thought that the house is small. Furthermore, sweety is going there. I wonder what Kavya will feel if Pakhi goes there.

Vanraj is there in the meeting with heads. The Vanraj’s boss came to the meeting and said, Sit, please! I am sure; all of you must have found out that our company went for a merger. And the new CEO of our company Mr. Vishal Sharma, will be joining us very soon. Kavya, I want you to attend to all of Mr. Sharma’s queries. And make him comfortable in the office.

Kavya responds, sure, sir. Vanraj opened the bottle, but water came out on the table. So everyone looked at Vanraj.

The new CEO joined the meeting and said, hello, everyone! Vanraj’s boss attended him and responded, hello, sir. Please come. Vanraj’s boss said Guys, please welcome our new CEO, Mr. Vishal Sharma. Everyone clapped for him. He responded, please be sitted!

Mr. Vishal said, well, you are meeting me for the first time, but I already know a lot about you all. So, instead of wasting time in the introduction, let’s get straight to the point because time is money. Well, before I start, does any one of you want to say or ask something?

Vanraj raised his hand and said I want to say something. Vishal responded, yes, go ahead. Vanraj replied, my name is Vanraj Shah. And I have been with this company for 30 years now. During this time, I worked hard to get many clients, projects, and deals for the company. The business has not been so good in the last three months. I have been threatened that if I don’t compensate for three months of loss in one month, I will lose my job. I think that’s a little unreasonable.

Mr. Vishal responded; I agree with you. This deadline is very unreasonable, but only for people like you. You may have got tired by working all these years. If any new employee will be there at your place, then he would not have said this. In fact, he will take it as a challenge and tried to prove himself.

Mr. Shah, there is a simple rule in business. The achievements of the past do not matter. The capabilities matters to perform today. So, I don’t care about your achievements of 30 years. All I want to know whether you have to zeal anymore. It is okay if you can do it; otherwise, you can let us know right now because I don’t want either of us to waste our time. Time is money, you know.

Anupama thanked Devika by saying thank you, thank you, thank you so much, Devika! If you had not spoken to her, the principal would not have agreed to give me another chance. No, no, you don’t worry. I will do a dance class, do my job as well as take care of the house. I will try my best to bridge the gap between our requirements and our resources. We have to arrange money for Kinjal and Paritosh’s wedding too. We don’t have a lot of money, but we will try to do the best within our capabilities. Yes.

Kinjal heard Anupama’s conversation with Devika and thought I would have to discuss our marriage to Paritosh. Anupama said on the call, listen, I have a lot of work, let me hang up. I will call you later, alright.

Anupama looked at Baa and thought, what is baa writing since morning? Anupama asked Baa, what are you writing, Baa? Baa replied, nothing, go and get a special tea. Anupama responded, yes!
Bapuji said to Anupama, when your mother-in-law looks upset, then be prepared for a storm. When she talks happily, prepare for a tornado.

Vanraj and Kavya returned home from the car. Kavya said, V, I know you don’t like when I talk about your family. But I want to say something. I think you should tell Baa that you can’t spend at Paritosh’s wedding. Vanraj replied, what! Why can’t I spend it on my son’s wedding? Kavya said, think practically, V. You got a notice for just a month, then you have to keep your savings. What if you lose your job?

Vanraj replied, I will find another one. Vanraj Shah has a lot of reputation and goodwill in this field. I will find another job without much effort. And if that Sharma throws me out of a job, then a loss will be his, not mine. Kavya replied there is a thin line between confidence and overconfidence. You cross that frequently. Kavya goes out of the car.

Vanraj thought every woman I came across is eager to share her wisdom. Here she, there Rakhi Dave and Anupama.

Everyone in the family is waiting for Rakhi Dave. Kinjal thought, mom, where are you? Everyone is waiting.

Vanraj said to Kinjal, Kinjal dear, it’s already 10:30 p.m.! I am sure that Mrs. Dave is doing this intentionally. Anupama thought Rakhi’s words saying I will not spare will shatter Kinjal and Paritosh’s relationship.

Meanwhile, Rakhi and Pramod entered the house while Rakhi is saying sorry to everyone. Sorry for coming at 10;30 instead of 8:00 p.m. I am so sorry. Kinjal replied, mom! Anupama said Jai Shree Krishna! Rakhi said; actually, our investors came from the UK that caused our delay. Baa replied yes, the queen must have come from England to invest. It’s alright!

Anupama said Rakhi and Pramod to come inside. Rakhi said hello, Mr. Shah! Sorry to keep you waiting. I can understand that it must be difficult to wait for someone, especially when someone is waiting at home. Vanraj replied, please have a seat. Rakhi replied, sure.

Anupama asked what I can get for you. Coffee or tea! Pramod replied, you don’t need to do that. Thank you so much. Vanraj replied anyway; the time for tea or coffee passed away before two and a half hours.

Bapuji said Anupama come and sit here. We can’t discuss the wedding without you. Anupama happily agreed and said, okay, Bapuji. Vanraj looked at Anupama and remembered when Anupama used to serve tea, and he used to make decisions.

Rakhi said, let’s be frank. If Paritosh had not eloped Kinjal, then I would not have agreed to this wedding. Anupama replied that if children had not chosen to get married on their own, you would not agree to this marriage. Rakhi replied, yes. Now that they are married, we have to arrange a proper wedding to save ourselves some honor. So I have thought…

Baa replied, hold on. You don’t have to take the trouble of thinking. Baa showed a list. Rakhi got amazed by seeing that. Baa said I had prepared the list. The details of Kinjal and Paritosh’s wedding, its day, location, auspicious moment, and even the priest’s name are mentioned here. The list of guests, caterer, decorator, and all other financial details have been calculated by me.

Then she said, I have also marked some with an asterisk as condition applied. What is it called in English? Yes. Condition applied. Have it and read it. This is a list, not a snake who will strike at you.

Rakhi replied this is written in Gujrati. Baa said, so what? You are also a Gujrati. Rakhi replied I don’t know how to read Gujarati. Baa said, you are a mark on Gujrati’s name. Get it read by someone who is educated. Listen, the wedding will happen within two days.

Everyone got shocked. Mamaji said within two days! I can’t marry so soon. Bapuji replied, there is already so much delay in your wedding that it can’t happen anymore. We are discussing Paritosh and Kinjal’s wedding. Mamaji said, I know, I remember.

Rakhi said, so you people invited us here to order and not to discuss. Baa replied, we are getting related to you; it is obvious for us to get influenced. Rakhi said, this is the list that you want. But what about us? As parents, we have some dreams and desires about our daughter’s wedding. We want a grand wedding with pomp and show.

Vanraj replied wedding is important for us, not to show off. Baa said, we are from the boy’s side; we will decide about the wedding. Rakhi replied, you mean to say that my opinion does not matter! Anupama said Mrs. Rakhi; we are one family. And when the family is the same, then my, and yours don’t matter, everything will be ours.

Rakhi replied exactly! All the expenses will be ours, and the wedding must be a grand one. Baa replied, are we peasants to ask you to spend on our child’s wedding? Rakhi replied If you had that much money, wouldn’t you organize a grand wedding for your son? Mrs. Shah, you tell me. If you are in my position, wouldn’t you have wanted the best for your son’s wedding?

Anupama replied, Mrs. Rakhi if I am in your place, I will not think about my happiness but want the kid’s happiness. Those who are getting married wish must be of those only.

Rakhi thought it’s very important to convince them for the grand wedding to be able to humiliate them and make Kinjal dislike them. Otherwise, my plan will fail.

Precap: Rakhi said, you have humiliated me by using Gujarati. I will retort it and in Gujrati only. Bapuji read in the newspaper, Rakhi and Pramod Dave’s son-in-law will be the new MD of Dave Coaching Class. Toshu said I am their son-in-law, and if they think that I can handle this business better, then what’s the problem. Vanraj thought Kinjal doesn’t listen to them, so she tries to trick my son, Paritosh.