Amusement Parks Back In Action in Maharashtra

Our life has been turned upside down in the pandemic phase. With control in Covid 19 situations and cases, the Maharashtra government takes a call to open up entertainment/amusement parks, including indoor entertainment activities.

Adding to it, tourist places are being allowed to open, and function outside the containment areas stated the full circular.

The BMC (Bombay Municipal Corporation) will issue the necessary guidelines soon, which are to be strictly followed up and taken care of. Being given the waiver for carrying out leisure for the residents but there is an equal chance of outburst of Covid again.

The BMC is ensuring that every tourist attraction and entertainment park takes care of standard working protocols and procedures and takes care of the guidelines issued by the govt of Maharashtra.

Maharashtra was also in the headlines for few days as it announces a total night curfew from 11 pm to 6 am in major cities across the state from 22 December to 5 January as a precautionary measure to safeguard the country from the new threat that is emerging from the UK.

As the new mutated strain of Coronavirus is found in the UK; hence the government of Maharashtra has canceled the flights between the UK and India.

Currently, India is under no such threat of the spread of mutated Coronavirus, and all preventive and precautionary measures are already started, so the citizen need not worry about the new strain wave in the UK added, the health minister of India.

The CMO Maharashtra has come out with a standard operating protocol (SOP) for handling all the passengers arriving from Europe, South Africa, and the Middle-East. 14-day compulsory quarantine upon arrival for all the passengers coming from these countries. The quarantine will be a paid institutional one.

It stated, the circular passed by the government on Monday. Home quarantine is not an option for the passengers coming in from these countries.

After being brutally and economically hit by the pandemic situations in the world, slowly and steadily, the government is trying to get back on its foot by slowly allowing all kinds of leisure and tourism activities.

According to a few locales of Mumbai, “The government is planting a time bomb by opening waterparks and amusement centers. Things will be okay and good at first but slowly the situations will get worse and again the whole city would be under the life threat of this deadly virus.”

Harsh Vardhan, the union health minister, on Tuesday, issued a new Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for the new variant of SARS-CoV-2 that was detected in the United Kingdom a few days back, making it compulsory for all states to make the passenger undergo the Covid test who are traveling from or traveling through the UK airports.

All the foreign passengers that are being tested positive will be completely isolated in a paid institutional isolation facility. These institutional facilities are being coordinated and taken care of by the respective State Health Authorities.

The passenger who is being found negative on testing with RT-PCR at the airport testing facility would be advised to get quarantined at home and keep the doctors followed up.

Few doctors of Mumbai stated that this pandemic could be taken care of easily if we follow some basic steps and guidelines that will keep us safe against the infection and virus and the being the decision of re-opening the amusement parks and leisure activities are concerned the government is well aware of their acts so the locales need not worry much about it.