“Anonymously Yours” Review: A Mexican rum coma where two teens fall in love over a text

A boy with a girl. Boys don’t tolerate a girl (and the feelings are mutual). A boy accidentally texts a girl who thinks she is someone else, and they both fall in love without realizing who they are talking to. Does that sound familiar to you? This is the story of many teen films, including Anonymously Yours, now streaming on Netflix. We’re here to tell you whether this Mexican Roma girl is worth your time or just another tired teen movie.

Valeria, or “Vale” (Annie Cabello), is glad she’s not cool – mostly.

He has his beautiful friend Regina (Estefi Mereles) by his side, and, despite his parents’ attempts to convince him otherwise, he wants to study film. Things in her life were pretty stress-free until she got a message from the wrong number in the middle of the night. Even though he initially tugged at it being numb, he was intrigued and kept texting this boy the next day.

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They agreed to remain anonymous and get to know each other, and their relationship thrived. Little does Vale know that this boy is Alex (El Poderoso Ralph). The new to the school and receiving a scholarship for his good grades. Still struggling after losing his father. He spends his time working in science and watching kung fu movies – his father’s favourite.

While Vale and Alex are held captive for a long afternoon and continue to cause trouble, they unwittingly begin to fall in love via text messages. After being forced to go on a double date by their best friends Regina and Lina (Alicia Veles), they slowly realize they may have more in common than they first thought. As you’d expect, the two begin to fall in love both online and offline and while there may be some of the roadblocks along the way, these teens could be lucky for the rest of their lives.

Romantic Friends Host at Anonymous Yours;

Estefi Mereles (Regina) and Alicia Veles (Lina) bring a tired script to life. Even if their characters are led by the odd BFF supporting characters we’ve seen time and time again. Not only do you have great chemistry between the two. But you also bring some much-needed humour and honesty to scenes that are messy due to predictability. We might know what to expect, but at least Mereles and Veles are there to make things right.

There isn’t a particularly memorable line in Anonymous Yours. Though humorous lines like “The truth is – nobody knows me” does remind you of the C-list teen movies we all know and love.

You previously performed anonymously. It is often done that it becomes almost insignificant, falls into a predictable trap, and is precisely what we expect. It’s a shame, too, because the cast is undeniably charming, and the film has a pretty big heart. He plays familiar songs, clears truly dramatic bets.

And instead leaves us with what might be a fun trip back to high school drama, but nothing more. The cast does best with a primarily seamless script that creates warmth in moments that might not be on the page (but only for young presenters. Not much is at stake when a teenager is with one of the adults in this film to interact with.).

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Anonymous Yours had great intentions, but he couldn’t get over the stereotypes that pulled him from scene to scene. All of these issues don’t make it a particularly offensive film – it’s just unforgettable. Despite the charming cast, Anonymously Yours is so predictable and clichéd. That we seem to have seen it more than a few times before.