“Reba McEntire’s Christmas in Tune” Review: Where Reba McEntire only gets the best gold

Reba McEntire brings her favourite mood to the Christmas season in Reba McEntire’s Christmas in Tune Lifetimes. I don’t know what else to say to you above, except for the country icon with the star – and let’s be clear: the icon for all countries – Reba McEntyre. Enough. That’s all you need to know.

Reba McEntyre plays Georgia Winter, a well-known country musician who is a solo sensation.

However, this is not always the case. She used to be half of Joe and Georgia with her husband, Joe Winter (John Schneider). They have since separated both romantically and professionally, which gets their daughter Bell (Candice King) in trouble.

PR firm Belle works with the military to organize their annual snowball concert, which raises money for child soldiers stationed overseas. And once the general finds out who Bell’s parents are, you can see where they’re headed!

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The easy part was convincing his parents to meet at the Christmas concert. Bell had to take his samples with him for a week without feeling bad. Or maybe, good feelings resurface between Georgia and Joe.

I must address this to someone who isn’t a presenter, but how can I not commend Reba McEntire for getting into the festive rom-com genre with such confidence?

Unsurprisingly, McEntire lends itself to this type of film; Never forget that McEntyre put on one of the most underrated comedy shows on his sitcom Reba! Reba McEntire personified in the Christmas spirit. Your smile shines brighter than 30 stone trees. It’s only the best gold.

Christmas in Tune is indicative of music, so that’s acceptable. But like “One December Night”, this film is also built around a song – very good too! This film could easily be called “I Need Reba McEntire’s Christmas” or “I Need Christmas” by Reba McEntire, and it should have its name in the title.

It’s hard to imagine Reba McEntire’s Christmas movie:

That’s not necessarily interesting. But of all the different Christmas McEntire movies that could make, Christmas in Tune has a premise that will make every McEntire talent succeed. Would you like to hear McEntire sing carols? Here. Should McEntire say it as it is? This is your movie. Do you want to see the charm of a smooth house in every movie scene? Christmas in Tune is for you.

The cast around McEntire makes this film even more enjoyable. John Schneider spent 40 years perfecting the role of a good old farm boy, from the Dukes of Hazard to Smallville. He fits McEntyre very well and brings a bit of a cute touch to the role of her estranged husband.

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He’s not an outspoken player, and their breakup came because many minor issues piled up. That means that when Georgia and Joe experience these feelings again, you believe in them and want them to get back to your ex (which isn’t always the case with IRL).

And as a bonus, you can bet there’s another romance between Georgia and Joe Bell’s daughter and Army Connection. There’s just a mere chances of lots of love and lots of music, and that’s what you want for Christmas. No wonder Lifetime has this particular movie scheduled for the Friday after Thanksgiving. There’s actually no other better way to start the holiday season than watching a Reba McEntire’s Christmas in Tune movie.