All My Friends Hate Me Review: A college reunion party turned into a comedy film made with experts

Tribeca Film Festival 2021 reviews! Confused. Disturb. Melancholic. Lihai. The marketing team behind Dark Comedy, Andrew Gaylord, is extraordinary. 

All my friends hate me welcome to use all adjectives for promotional purposes. However, only no one word will do this little masterpiece justice.

An off-kilter study of keen perceptions about reality and alienation, this film will crash into the nerves while killing with his acerbic intelligence.

After a terrible meeting and side separation in the same steps:

Pete (Tom Stourton) finally found his way to his birthday/reunion, which took place in a small house in a culture in the British countryside.

Only when he arrived, nothing was there. So when Pete’s friends returned from the pub – led by a local strange named Harry (Dustin Demri-Burns) and the goose – Pete’s Sleepy and bitter and not a little awkward. Or are these friends? Do they all act a little die?

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Things change from bad to worse quickly. Pete’s crew seemed to turn it on, making fun of him, told him that he did all the wrong things, making him stranded.

They forced him to go hunting – maybe one of the most unpleasant hunting trips described systematically – and then angry because he did not photograph birds.

No one cares about his story to help refugee children. The former romance with Claire (Antonia Clarke) is a problem. “You didn’t switch to a good start,” Fig (Georgina Campbell) accused him.

And then there is Harry. Harry, who made a note as if recording Pete’s habits and behavior. Harry chased him down the hill with an ax as a practical joke. Harry set up a baked birthday that walked too far.

Harry, who seems so familiar … Is Pete know Harry? Are Pete’s friends concoct a kind of sick scenario to ride it with dirt?

Is he mature while they are all stuck sticking in the past? Or is Pete, so far, behaving like a douchebag, not at all aware of his behavior? For what the past sin he helped? More importantly: Who kills goose?

The tension and the hilarity of all my friends hated me the hinge on the spelling ambiguity.

With extraordinary managed by the director. The fact that this is an extended feature of its first feature making a much more impressive achievement.

He balances the tone carefully but also not afraid to throw the right key here and there to catch them off-guard’s bodyguard. “You are just a little anxious,” Claire told Pete, who was strange. “Not a new thing, right?”

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Like a strong because Helming Gaylord, it is a complicated balance of tones, sharp cinematography, and of course, the action that ultimately made a successful film.

Many hinges for outstanding Stourton reactions to the world revealed before his eyes. The actor, who jointly wrote a scenario, seemed to be very aligned with the vision of the director, achieving impressive achievements to be vulnerable and selfish, charming and arrogant. Dustin Demri-Burns marked another prominence, stealing his scene.

“That’s right then. You are a shy,” Harry stated after reaching Pete’s part in the bathroom.

All my friends hate me to examine social norms. And what happens when the idea and expectations. They are formed were previously destroyed quickly. It is also confusing into danger in the age of middle-aged age.

We all have days when we feel our friends turn on us. Often, there is in our head. But what if it’s not? This is one word to describe Gaynord gems: Wow.

All my friends hated me was a lovely portrait of the awkwardness that came with a little too aware of someone’s social class. Reunion, in general, intended to be strange.

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The film took the idea and only ran with it and threw many humor, unexpected bends, and sensations. Do all my friends call Pete to hate it? The answer is not too deep, but it’s good to ask and watch until the end to find out. The party is precisely what is promised – an absolute explosion!