“A Picture Perfect Holiday” Review: where the love between photographers emerges

A new Christmas novel shot in a photography sanctuary in a cosy, snowy city. Tatiana Ali (The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air) and Henderson Wade (Riverdale) participate in Lifetime’s A Picture Perfect Holiday. Come on – you already know that romance is in the picture.

The real question is, should you hang out and watch it play.

There’s only one trick: your portfolio doesn’t have the warmth needed to work full time! Tatiana Ali plays Gabby, a freelance photographer who wants to work for a major fashion magazine. To point him in the right direction.

The editor Gabby (Dina Meyer) sends him to a Christmas photo house in the small town of Pine Falls. Here photographers learn to put their own emotions and soul into their art. By capturing the magic of Christmas on film.

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Did I say there is only one trick? There were two: it turned out that the cabin Gabby had rented for the week was double booked! She has to share her photo-perfect home with a perfect man named Sean (Henderson Wade). Who is also in town, searching for photo accommodation. He is more artistic and calmer.

He makes movies and loves Christmas! Gabby drinks her black coffee and prefers her pizza without side dishes. Will these opposites unite? You know the answer.

Even though they weren’t precisely thieves on stage, I had to give Rivka Reyes and Paula Andrea Placido a seat. They played a strange couple who were also attending a retreat. And together they played the role of a much-needed romcom BFF for Gabby and Sean.

They have their mini-plots, are generally adorable, and make A Picture Perfect Holiday. A very welcomes in addition to the list of the 2021 holiday movies featuring LGBTQ+.

Sean proves how cool he is sleeping on the couch by saying. “I once had to sleep on a ledge just to get the perfect mountain goat photo!”

The Christmas Photo Retreat was started by a seasoned photographer who was tired of being there on holiday. So he made a house in Pine Falls and now goes on an annual retreat.

You will fall in love with Tatiana Ali.

Ali is one of the stars of Lifetime, a familiar face from our pop culture. Past that we love to fix every Christmas. Over the years, cable networks have built their stellar roster and made their holiday movies a frivolous show.

This year is no exception. Ali is amused at being seen as gibberish – or without a “flood”. As he puts it – a photographer who holds a grudge against breakfast and loves his neatly folded handkerchief.

Combined with the freedom-loving Sean of Henderson Wade, the A Picture Perfect Holiday makes for a delightful timepiece. Sean has Christmas fever, and when he tells Gabby, Christmas is contagious! Sean was like the man who found a bunch of Christmas decorations. That didn’t belong to him and immediately decorated the cabin he had just rented.

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What I love about this film is that it has a significant place in A Picture Perfect Holiday. Daily retreat photos (snap pictures of last Christmas season or Christmas magic, etc.) take Gabby, Sean, and their new loved ones to various locations in Pine Falls.

Of course, it’s ridiculous to think that a major fashion magazine would send a freelance photographer with a Christmas theme to recommend a permanent concert – but we want an absurd wave of these films! Between the setting, subplot, and the growing bond between Gabby and Sean, A Picture Perfect Holiday develops all the tones you could want in a Christmas movie of a lifetime.