“Operation Hyacinth” Review: Combination of Drama LGBTQ / Procedural Cop from Poland

Robert Morawski (Tomasz Zietek) is quite a really pretty good police. Young, enthusiastic, got his ass kicked by a T.V. thief. Still, at least his colleague Wojtek (Tomasz Schuchardt) had his back. And so was his father, Edward (Marek Kalita).

A colonel in security services insisting that Robert Call him “Colonel,” No ” Father, “when they were in the office. Cold, of course, but it sounds suitable for iron management stooge, right?

Robert and Wojtek were assigned to a particular operation of the murder case related to the hyacinth. So they and several other police sitting in the clown police car put the cigarette in and out of their mouths.

In and out, in and actually out of their mouths – attach a public room where The gay man goes sailing. They collect many barriers, so they can cruelly interrogate them about their very personal lives. Of course, this means the police have dirt in a group of poor men.

People who can have their lives are torn apart if their very personal lives become more common.

In particular, Robert has a fiance, Halinka (Adrianna Chlebicka), who works in the police file; They went down and dirty, laughing when his mother’s slopes on the walls, so they were calm there. Rather disguised, he met Arek (Hubert Milkowski), a lover of a man and a student.

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He gave Robert potential, so he and Wojtek followed him. They pulled threads, got gums on their shoes, found suspects in a murder case. He was obviously not their men, but it did not stop obeying Dope Wojtek from beating his confession. Superior they like it: Swift resolution! Go have a Vodka celebration, a boy!

But this doesn’t match Robert and his conscience. He opposed the orders, following other instructions. And learned that other murders had occurred, and they began to form a pattern. He has Halinka digging files for him. He found a small dingy room where he could secretly work the case under the boss’s nose.

He got more information from Arek, who knew some victims, and was also rather interesting. Robert starts clamping photos and maps and kliping news on the wall, and you know what it means: He’s gay! And also in a possible film about serial killers. Who need very conflicting sound but morally and also a little obsessive person to find it.

Robert went to the Rad Gay party and stuck in Shenanigans who was not yet s*xy. But still rather suggestive, made us all jealous, so we were not there; After that, the aras moved to kiss exploration, and Robert doesn’t refuse. And the next day, Robert was in his gloomy room, looking into a cracked mirror. Wondering about who he was and what he had to do.

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Operation Hyacinth is a structural voice:

Thriller Cover is directed well from police corruption with additional layers of social comments. The points he made clearly: what Polish police did in gays in the terrible 1980s and trauma. It shouldn’t happen, and we all agree it sucks for humanity in general.

Also: Don’t be an annoying police officer. The police suck like Wojtek, just doing what they say and did not ask questions, and the police were good as Robert. Who took the risk of themselves and their careers did what was right. You know how it goes on – the hero blew the whistle. His zero closed his eyes and went home and had dinner and watched T.V. and went to bed and did it again.

Screenplay Ciaston ensures no detail is presented before the image is crawled when Robert’s going gets rough. It also follows the tried and true movie M.O. For the depiction of closed gay men. Still, the wrinkles dramatically add a layer of suspense in the plot that slowly builds.

And then rapidly increases to a significant danger for our protagonist, like a slow leak in the hull exploded and filling the cabin with deep-fryers water. The plot becomes sloppy when the body begins on the sidewalk, but you will forgive the film its weakness to stay in front of us down the stretch – and end up with a record of continuous ambiguity and unresolved.

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Operation Hyacinth film combines two familiar formulas into a very watchable drama and a strong pull when needed.