Will There Be Ratched Season 2?

Today, on 18 September 2020, Netflix’s new marquee drama series Ratched is available to stream on their screen. This show’s creators are Ryan Murphy and Evan Romansky, while Sarah Paulson is the show’s leading star. Moreover, she is playing the character of young diabolical Nurse Ratched from the 1962 novel “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest,” by Ken Kesey. Furthermore, they are claiming it to be an iconic role character of this era.

Introduction to the Show:

Well, first of all, we have an interesting fact to share with you all and that my friends are about the show’s name. Yes, no kidding, the person who chose the name Ratched is one hell of a guy.

In the technical term, or as we say by definition, a ratchet is a mechanical tool or device consisting of a bar or wheel with angled teeth, which works as a cog, allowing motion in one direction only. It is too confusing to understand. Let me simplify it to you; it is the situation or process that is changing steadily in a series of irreversible steps.

That is to say, that’s what the show is all about as a whole. It is a series of unimaginable events leading towards another horrifically amazing scenario.

The Storyline of Ratched:

Ratched is an origin story. Which begins in 1947 and tracks Ratched’s journey and evolution from nurse to a psychotic BITCH. The story will follow her through a mental health care system while she is on her murderous progression. 

The story of the show starts with the entrance of Nurse Ratched in a town. She came to this town to join a hospital with specialties of its own. After her energetic and mind-boggling interview, she secured a job for herself. However, she didn’t get a friendly work environment. But she knows how to take care of her own.

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Furthermore, she is well able to tackle and handle such people. She implicates her importance in the show by telling a fellow person that they had a saying in the corps: “Save one life and you are a hero. Save a hundred lives, well, then you’re a nurse.

Episode List of First Seasons’:

The whole show, in its entirety, is out to stream. All eight episodes are available to stream or download using the Netflix app on your mobile devices. Furthermore, the list of the first seasons’ episodes is as follows:

  1. Evan Romansky wrote, The “Pilot.
  2. Ice Pick,” written by Ian Brennan.
  3. Angel of Mercy,” written by Ian Brennan.
  4. Angel of Mercy, Part Two,” written by Evan Romansky.
  5. The Dance,” written by Ian Brennan.
  6. Got No Strings,” written by Jennifer Salt & Ian Brennan.
  7. The Bucket List,” written by Ian Brennan.
  8. Mildred and Edmund,” written by Ian Brennan, Evan Romansky & Jennifer Salt.

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Will there be Ratched Season 2?

We believe that the show Ratched will carry out another 2-3 more seasons as the premiere day’s response is itself shocking for the producers and the team of Ratched itself. To uncover other deep and dark secrets of what’s going to happen in Ratched. Stay tuned with us as we are coming back with another exciting article about the show Ratched. We are revealing their plans for the second season. Such as, if they are willing to go for another season, what will be its release date.

Release Date for the Ratched Season 2:

There is no official release date from the producers of the show for Ratched season 2. However, as we have told you, we are bringing you the hidden backstage story of the show Ratched in our next upcoming articles. Make sure to check back, and we will make sure that you don’t need to wait long. We will be back with a bang.