Will there be Marvel Daredevil Season 4?

The most beloved and amazing Marvel superhero is, for sure, Daredevil. A blind human is doing all that acrobatics while fighting crime and saving the city. It just gave every person watching the show the literal chills. However, on 29th November 2018, Netflix puts an end to the show Daredevil and the third season was the show’s finale. While all of this is true, the question still remains: what’s really going to happen to Daredevil?

If you wish to uncover the whole mystery, we would suggest you stick with us till the end.

Introduction to Marvel Daredevil:

This action-filled Crime and Legal superhero drama show, Daredevil, is set in New York City. Meanwhile, it is based on the Marvel Comics: Daredevil by Stan Lee and Bill Everett. Moreover, this show’s original network is Netflix, and the show’s creator is Drew Goddard

Furthermore, Kati Johnston is the producer of the show Daredevil. While the executive producers are as follows 

  • Allie Goss, Kris Henigman, Cindy Holland
  • Alan Fine, Stan Lee, Joe Quesada
  • Dan Buckley, Jim Chory, Jeph Loeb
  • Drew Goddard and Erik Oleson

Meanwhile, Steven S. DeKnight was the executive producer of the show for the first season only. In contrast, Marco Ramirez and Doug Petrie came to be the executive producers for the second season 2 of Daredevil.

Release Date of Marvel Daredevil:

All three seasons of Daredevil consist of thirteen episodes, and the pilot for the show was out on 10th April 2015. Then on 18th March 2016, the second season of Daredevil came out. After the release of the second season of Daredevil, it was public knowledge that there would be no third season of Daredevil.

However, on 19th October 2018, the third season of the show was available to stream on Netflix. The dedicated fans of Daredevil were shocked as well as amazed, after a sudden return of the show. But after the third season, the show was once again canceled. And now, we can only hope for another miracle once again.

The Main Cast of the Marvel Daredevil:

Charlie Cox plays the devil of the Hell’s Kitchen or better known as Daredevil, and the Daredevil without his mask is called Matt Murdock, a blind but highly capable lawyer. Who is spoiled and supported by his most dear friend and business partner, Foggy Nelson. Moreover, Elden Henson plays his part, and Deborah Ann Woll beautifully portrays the character of Karen Page, the third prominent role in the show.

Other main characters of the show and the actors playing that part are as follows:

  • James Wesley by Toby Leonard Moore
  •  Ben Urich by Vondie Curtis-Hall
  • Leland Owlsley by Bob Gunton
  • Vanessa Marianna-Fisk by Ayelet Zurer
  • Claire Temple Rosario Dawson 
  • Wilson Fisk, aka Kingpin by Vincent D’Onofrio
  • Elektra Natchios by Élodie Yung
  • Blake Tower by Stephen Rider
  • Maggie Grace by Joanne Whalley
  • Ray Nadeem by Jay Ali
  • Benjamin “Dex” Poindexter by Wilson Bethel
  • Frank Castle, aka Punisher by Jon Bernthal, appeared in the episode “Bang” as a guest.

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The Recurring Cast of the Marvel Daredevil:

The following are the most recurring cast members of Daredevil:

  • Paul Lantom by Peter McRobbie
  • Turk Barrett by Rob Morgan
  • Brett Mahoney by Royce Johnson
  • Carl Hoffman by Daryl Edwards 
  • Christian Blake by Chris Tardio
  • Gao by Wai Ching Ho
  • Nobu Yoshioka by Peter Shinkoda
  • Vladimir Ranskahov by Nikolai Nikolaeff
  • Josie by Susan Varon
  • Doris Urich by Adriane Lenox
  • Mitchell Ellison by Geoffrey Cantor
  • Shirley Benson by Suzanne H. Smart
  • Elena Cardenas by Judith Delgado
  • Marci Stahl by Amy Rutberg

What Happened to Marvel Daredevil Season 4?

In November 2018, Erik Olsen pitched the plot for the fourth season of Daredevil to Netflix. As any hopeful person would do, he hoped that this meeting would lead to Daredevil’s renewal for its fourth season. Meanwhile, on 29th November 2018, Netflix canceled the series. However, Netflix is quite clear that the first three seasons of Daredevil will be available on their service, while the character would “live on in future projects for Marvel.”

Furthermore, according to Marvel’s deal with Netflix, once the show ends, Marvel has to wait for two years before using the characters again. Moreover, according to their contract, the wait for these two years is not long from now, as the show ended in October 2018, and thus we can still hope for Daredevil season 4.

But one thing is for sure, if we somehow get to watch Daredevil season 4, it will not be from Netflix. The next contender in line for Marvel is Disney+, so everyone has their eyes glued to them for the Daredevil season 4.

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Direct from the Daredevil:

Read for yourself what Charlie Cox has to say when he was asked: if he thinks more of Daredevil will be on the way?

Charlie Cox said:

I don’t know why I don’t feel that way. But, I haven’t been given any reason to believe that. And, from a cynical point of view, it just feels like maybe I’m trying to protect myself because I’d love nothing more than to do it again.”

He also added: “When you make a television show, it’s so complicated, and people’s schedules are so difficult, and contracts are so difficult. So that’s why when, as an actor, when you sign onto a TV show, you sign six years of your life away. Because, if you don’t do that, it becomes too complicated to try and get all these moving pieces.”


Will there be season 4 of Daredevil or not? That is something which only time can tell. However, we have high hopes for another mind-blowing season, and you can never know what a single prayer can do!! What are your thoughts? Do share them with us through our comment section below. Stay safe, exercise more often to stay fit, and eat healthily.