White House Struck by a Wave of Sadness as Donald Trump Loses Younger Brother

The President’s younger brother Robert S. Trump died in Manhattan on Saturday. 71-year old Robert was suffering from brain bleeding and was a regular user of blood thinners. Robert S. Trump was the youngest member of the Trump household. Most acquaintances refer to him as a quiet and shy type. Staying in the spotlight was never his aim, and many consider him the exact opposite of the President. Robert was in the hospital from 14th August, but there was no official statement from the White House. Even the President did not mention his health issues clearly in the press conference on Saturday. 

Robert S. Trump was at the helm of the family’s real estate business and had a brief run-in managing the casinos. However, some sources claim a rift between two brothers till the elder brother decided to run for the POTUS. He went on a week-long trip to a New York hospital’s ICU in June, but the reasons were unknown. The President and his daughter, Ivanka Trump, expressed their grief by tweeting words of sorrow. The President even paid a visit to his sick brother on Friday in Manhattan. 

As claimed by the President of the US in his book, Robert was often in the shadows of his elder brother. Their relationship was shaky, but the President’s bond with his younger one was more substantial than his elders. Robert was also the best spokesperson for the President and his policies. In early 2020, a controversial book by Mary Trump, daughter of Fred Trump Jr., couldn’t get published because of a lawsuit filed by Mr. Robert Trump. The book could tarnish the President’s image, and the lawsuit is a good move considering the looming elections this year.


The cause of the sudden demise of Robert Trump concerns people. White House is withholding sensitive information, and people are not happy. A significant fraction of the population is under the influence that coronavirus is the reason behind his untimely death. The President is already skeptical about COVID-19 and keeps blaming news outlets for faking the stats. In the leu of such discrepancies, it is evident that doubts will arise. However, Robert’s illness was not sudden. His health was deteriorating for several months, and he was in the hospital now and then. Moreover, the hospital is independently claiming that the cause of death was excessive bleeding in the brain. However, a statement from the White House will make things better.

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If the public gets an official statement, the creeping doubts will settle. Additionally, a general announcement will also silence the doubters and conspiracy theorists. It is vital to keep things safe as the election looks over the shoulder, and the public needs satisfaction and assurance. Even a small confirmation to the hospital’s statement will help.