The Return of the March on Washington After 57 Years

On 28th August 1963, around 200,000 Americans gathered in front of the Lincoln Memorial to fight for civil rights and equal opportunities. The revered memorial and the massive crowd of a quarter to million people witnessed the historic “I Have A Dream” speech by Martin Luther King Jr. But now 57 years later, we remember that event with the dream still a fantasy for people of color in the USA. Black people are still fighting for their rights, and police brutality is still far from over. So, where do we stand as we move towards six decades of progress since the historic speech against racism? 

The question is one of the talking points of the return of the March on Washington this year. Martin Luther King III is preparing to recreate the seminal moment with Rev. Al Sharpton. There will be thousands of people joining King in his march to protest against the recent events of police brutality against African-Americans. Their demands echo the voices of the past: to end the racial discrimination, fight the police brutality, and access equal voting rights. 


The Fight Against the Racism 

2020 has been a forgetful year because of all the unfortunate events. However, nothing was more significant than the global outcry against racism and police brutality against black people. Today’s march is marking the loss of another life to law enforcement this week. “Commitment March – Get Your Knees Off Our Necks” is a recreation of March on Washington. King says that he is proud to get support for his father’s ideals. However, he was feeling remorse as his father’s fight is still not over. After 57 years, we are looking at the same America with similar politics. The current presidential campaign is making things even more complicated.

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The stand of President Trump Against Racism

President is openly criticizing the protests against police brutality in his rallies. In his public speeches, he usually shrugs off the wrongdoings of the police. President Trump also publicly condemns the protests of people in support of black people. Additionally, he is criticizing the US Postal System’s ability to handle mail-in voting. King believes that toxic campaigning will eventually hurt Trump’s chances to win the election. With the Black Lives Matter campaign running with the full swing, King is positive about the change in America’s politics. The divisive politics is going to meet its demise hopefully, but the more prominent issues prevail. If Trump wins again, the ideological rift will surely boom in the US. The voices of activists all over the country are strong in favor of police reforms. There is also a demand to pass the “George Floyd Justice in Policing Act.”