What’s waiting for you in ALTBalaji Gandi Baat Season 5!

AltBalaji and ZEE5 are back with another season of Gandi Baat. Moreover, it is the fifth season of this erotic web series, and everyone is waiting for the 8th October. As it is the day on which season 5 of Gandi Baat will be available to stream on the respective OTT.

Please stick with us till the end and read on. To know all about what is waiting for you in ALTBalaji’s Gandi Baat Season 5.

Introduction to Gandi Baat:

Gandi Baat is an erotic web series drama consisting of a maximum of 5 episodes per season as the first and third seasons have only four episodes. So here are four seasons as of yet, with a total number of 18 episodes. These episodes are a whole story on their own, and there is no continuation of the story from one episode to another. Moreover, this web series depicts the hidden desires and secrets of people.

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This web series is created by Sachin Mohite and developed by Ekta Kapoor. The writer of the story and screenplay of Gandi Baat is Chital Rajesh Tripathi. At the same time, Ranveer Pratap Singh gave the dialogues for the script of the show. Meanwhile, Sachin Mohite is the one producing this web series, under the production banner of Jaasvand Entertainment Entertainment Pvt Ltd.

Furthermore, that’s not all; he (Sachin Mohite) is also the director of this web-series, and Bhavna Sresth, Baljit Singh Chaddha are the creative directors.

The Halt in the Launch of Gandi Baat Season 5:

Each episode of Gandi Baat has a run time of 42-45 mins, and the original release date for the launch of Gandi Baat was 3rd May 2018. Then the second season was out on 7th January 2019. Soon enough, within six months of the release of the second season of the series, they were back with another on 27th July 2019. This was the third season of Gandi Baat. Meanwhile, following the same trend, the fourth season of the series was out on 7th January, 2020. So everyone expected them to launch the fifth season on 27th July 2020, or hear about that.

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However, due to worldwide pandemic and COVID-19 isolation, there was a halt in the series’s production. And thus the Gandi Baat season 5 was delayed. But after looking at the success of previous seasons, the coming of the fifth season of Gandi Baat was inevitable, and it is here.

What is Waiting for You in Season 5:

To uncover that you need to wait a bit more but not that long as Gandi Baat season 5 is just five days away. However, if you are getting impatient, here is what we know. This time this is not just an erotic and desire filled season, but it will have the next level thrill. All of that stuff will be there, that’s for sure even this season, it might have a bit more of the sizzling romance. As one of the episodes is expected to have an adult game session, and another one is showing how technology is affecting dating.

Moreover, this time there will be crime-drama as well. You don’t believe me, great! I was hoping for that. So that, you can go and check it yourself. Here is the trailer of the Gandi Baat season 5 for you.