What and When is The Stranger Things Day?

Stranger Things have become one of the most growing web series of all time. And why not? It didn’t take long for ​them to take the world by storm. Imaginative storylines and excellent acting—and has proven to be an excellent investment for Netflix. With just two seasons of Stranger Things has garnered multiple awards and constant praise.

Moreover, this fall Netflix has something special for the fans of Stranger Things. Everything will be revealed with time, but if you are getting impatient. We are here for you and get you covered on this front. Please read on and stick with us till the end to know everything there is to know about The Stranger Things Day.

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The Stranger Things Day, Date:

Furthermore, ​Netflix shows its appreciation for the gang and everyone’s beloved Eleven by announcing The Stranger Things Day, an official day dedicated to the web-series. That is to say, ​Netflix released a teaser video that officially declared November 6, 2018, as the first-ever Stranger Things Day.

Why November 6?

If you wish to know how and why this day was picked? The answer lies in plain sight. Moreover, if you have already watched the teaser from Netflix, in that case, you will get to see that November 6, 2018, is the date that officially marks the 35th anniversary of Will Byers’s disappearance into the Upside Down. Hence, November 6 is chosen, and now you know it too.

What More to Expect?

The possibilities are endless, and one of the most expected possibilities is that on November 6, 2020, Netflix might finally share some details about the highly anticipated fourth season of Stranger Things.’ No official release date is out for Stranger Things Season 4 as of yet. However, chances are we might get to know that soon enough. Moreover, worry not; we will update you as soon as we know anything about Stranger Things Season 4. ​​However, the show is expected to ​premiere sometime next summer.

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What Can You Do?

We do have a few ideas for you on how to celebrate this Stranger Things Day. Would you like to know? Well, we have mentioned them down below, do give it a read:

1. Dress Up

Stranger Things has given its fans a variety of iconic costumes to be recreated on Halloween. However, Halloween has passed, but not its spirit, and this is a spooky season. You can enjoy some great time by creating your own 80’s era from the show. Have a Stranger Things marathon party and re-watch all three seasons once again.

2. Christmas Lights

Do you remember when Joyce Byers put up Christmas Lights everywhere to understand anybody’s incoming from the Upside Down? Though Christmas is a bit far away but not that far. You can do the same, decorate your room with the lights, and feel like a part of the Byers house. 

3. Listen to the Stranger Things Playlist

Once again, Kyle Dixon, The Bangles, The Police, Moby, and many more artists gained limelight due to songs used in this web series. Moreover, you can say that Stranger Things got your back and have figured out the best playlist for you. So you need not worry about what to play at your marathon party.

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4. Ice-cream from Scoops Ahoy

Yes, we know Scoops Ahoy does not exist in real life but adding some ice-cream to the menu is never a bad idea. As who doesn’t love ice-cream, am I right or right, I am? So, empty up your refrigerator and fill them with all the flavors you can get.

5. Bike Rides

Stranger Things have added to the charm around bicycle rides. This Stranger Things Day, recreate the Stranger Things gang scenario with your friends and enjoy a bike ride. What can go wrong?

Please tell us how you would like to celebrate The Stranger Things Day and your plans through our comment section down below. Furthermore, stay tuned to BULLETNews for more updates on the entertainment world. Furthermore, stay at home and stay safe.