Well Done Baby Review: The unwanted pregnancy and divorce drama, its all the film has

A well-made baby performed by Priyanka Tanwar and written by Marmabandhaa Gavhane with an additional script by Akshai Valsangkar and produced by Pushkar Jog and Mohaan Nadaar, one line by Faraz Ahsan and Parag Sankhe, and an executive from Vaishali Karanjkar.

The only thing I don’t complain about is acting.

Pushkar Jog, as obnoxious and confused Aditya, is perfect. Everything from his posture to his gaze emitted a conflict he couldn’t resolve. Has Amruta Hanvilkar ever underperformed? The answer is no. Everything he had ever experienced was gone. And she did it like Myra. Her frustration, dilemma, insecurity, and desire to achieve some normalcy in her life were perfectly brought to the fore by Hanvilcar. Vandana Gupte as the mother of the dots, suddenly developed disturbing moist habits. Even when he’s not talking, you can see the gears spinning inside his skull, making bullshit that he’s going to shoot at his daughter and son-in-law. The sad thing is that the films around them are terrible.

Now I want to clarify that it is unlikely that our laptop will interfere with the director’s original vision because we all watched this film virtually. I have seen many films and shows and short films on the laptop that I use, and no one has come to me complaining that I have seen it wrong. So I trust him. From what I won’t say, a well-built baby looks terrible for 99 minutes of running the entire time. Why is it so bright? Everything so white shone like the sun. The interior is brightly lit. Costume design and overall production design might be good. But the lighting makes it sticky. Often that step ends. No creativity in editing. It’s just one demotivated fading after another turning black.

But yes, the worst component of a well-made baby is the story itself.

I think writers and directors want to send the message that pregnancies, especially unplanned ones, solve nothing unless you’re a good person to start with. (this is speculation). But then they probably thought it wouldn’t work out so well for our Desi audience, and they turned it into humiliating women who wanted to opt for an abortion. There is a constant shame and spiritual laziness that children are gifts from God, and one should not fight against it. News Flash! There is no god, and children are made of sperm and eggs. Take your bucket elsewhere. Besides, it doesn’t make sense for Aditya to feel alone and neglected. Bitch, you’re the one who wants a baby. What the fuck are you complaining about? Shut up! Help your wife, who you have manipulated emotionally, continue the pregnancy.

I also do something else: show your parents as omniscient beings who always give you the right advice. Are you bleeding? Just because they are older, does that mean they know more than you? You grew up in a time when everything from human rights to online privacy was very different. How should they advise if they don’t change over time? You have. Trust you. I mean, yes, of course, they might come in handy at 18. But after 30 you need to give advice and advice. For your parents! Not the other way around. Take off these glasses for the holy parents. This will help you a lot. Trust me.

The Final Call:

A well-built baby doesn’t make it educational or fun to look at, two things he wants. He wants to inspire you with comedy and romance. And she wants to educate you about what you need when you are pregnant. You can probably look at it for comedy. But make sure not to record the sermon. Or maybe you can avoid what the characters in this film are doing when something like the film’s plot happens in your life. If you are not in the mood for any of these things, I recommend going through them ultimately.