Vitthal Teedi Review: A promising role in the new Gujrati series make a new way for Pratik Gandhi

Based on short stories by Mukesh Sojitra, this is the story of the titular character Teetedi, which will do anything for his family happiness.

After losing his mother at a young age. To fully support his family, Vitthal began playing poker, card addiction, gambling to run the family and support his education. It also gave him the title ‘Teda’, who replaced his last name Tripathi, which means card 3 in Gujarati.

Things began to decline when his family faced several major obstacles without money left to deal with it. The story was about Vitthal’s moral dilemma. When he tried to save the day at the cost of his conscience.

Pratik Gandhi seems to be one of the actors blessed with a phenomenal background score:

In whatever project he took. If you like background scores and Music Titles Scam 1992, you will fall in love with the theme of a dramatic degree from Vitthal Teedi, which reminds you of the 80s Amitabh action drama Kedar and Bhargav created. Aditya Gadvi is too defeating him with the title song.

The Director of Series Abhishek Jain, has been mentioned. In an interview with the world of the Republic of which arranged the show in the 1980s sense – and how!

This is reflected in the early and end credit, music, dialogue full of power. And nods that are not too subtle for Amitabh Bachchan’s action from the 80s. Especially the iconic red jacket from 1981 Hit Laawaris.

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Every actor in the series holds itself. Be the performance of Jani’s yeast as a spicy patriarch. Sister Brinda Trivedi is tough and supportive of Vitthal Teedi. Reckless GeShvi Prem and even Hellaro Shraddha Dangar actor appear for a very short time. They are playing potential love of interest in Vitthal Teedi.

Each seasoned and perfect in the way themselves. The use of authentic Kathiyawadi – brought from Gujarat’s interior was very impressive, especially because I still heard it in Junagadh’s pocket.

They are seeing every actor following Lilt to M chesting. Subtitles provide great assistance for those who are not familiar with Gujarati. The actors ensure it with their expression.

This series is a definite visual creation. The fact that it is one of the most just telling stories makes it beautiful. In the first season, fully involving viewers in their lives. This is the perfect way to anticipate the following season of whatever series.

Performance may or may not be well connected with the type of rural countryside it has:

This event was very driven by a dialogue sent by ‘Poker’-Faced Pratik Gandhi. It works in parts, but people who are not familiar with the show settings (timelines and locations).

Or even poker, want to understand the ins and outs of the game. There will be curiosity that drops what makes the best Vitthal player ever – as claimed repeatedly. However, the joy of watching him delivered this dialogue.

As a narrator, and participants brought this story to life. Also, the six-episode show ends too fast. When someone settled in the story, tied to the character, it ended. But with promises next season.

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This is military service for anyone who desires to watch. More than Pratik Gandhi on the screen. When he gave one of his best performances, actor children played Vitthal Tested, Vishal Thakkar, deserved specifically mentioned. He is adorable but so intense. It’s smooth.

The jammed conscience temple was not roughly by family or friends, and it was quite refreshing to watch. The event looks not a common problem, but it seems most Duncan by going into his head – making it more interesting for viewers to dive into it.

Vitthal Teedi most definitely gave promises – an Ode to the 1980s complete with family drama, social comments, and heroes – better with a darker side that could be expected from the coming season.