Unknown kargil girl

Netflix released the film, Gunjan Saxena, on 12th Augexplaining her whole journey from childhood to an IAF officer.

Meanwhile, they have entirely forgotten about Sreevidya Rajan, an IAF officer who also served in the Kargil War. She is from Palakkad (Kerala), currently in Kottayam. Her husband also served as Wing Cdr in IAF.

In an interview, She mentioned that Gunjan Saxena was her coursemate, both were commissioned in 1996. When Sreevidya was 26 years old, she was posted to Udhampur base as the first lady pilot to fly in combat zone.

Sreevidya, through a Facebook post, discredited the disgraceful attitude depicted against women, which was blatantly showcased in the film. She also highlighted that they pictured officers in a gloomy way showing disrespect towards lady officers; however, such incidences never occurred.

She also mentions about a cloud of confusion existing during the her early day in IAF days, as no lady officer was earlier appointed to field tenure.

However, her conduct during flying operations cleared all the confusion and stamped an image of a professional and competent Air Force Officer, a female this time.

She also brings out that biopics should engrain a sense of motivation and impart life lessons worth preaching. But, Gunjan Saxena’s biopic did not reach the desired level and only focused on an individual character against the whole women (in armed forces) at large.

Overall, this film portrays a grim image of the misogynist mindset in the Armed Forces. However, it is not valid.