“Trolls: Holiday in Harmony Review”: The animated happy explosions of distracting singing and visual enjoyment

Dress up your polarized Ray Bans when the Cornea Trolls franchise returns with Hulus Trolls: Vacation in Harmony. This non-religious animated holiday doesn’t even mention the word “Christmas”. This special edition is great because, unlike the two Trolls TV series (and as a 2017 Trolls Festival exclusive), it brings together the celebrity voices from the film, most notably Anna Kendrick and Justin Timberlake. So get ready for the brain-eating amoeba of the fun melodies sure to pop up at Trollsiverse jukebox karaoke sessions and include this fun part of SEASONAL JOY.

It takes 90 seconds to figure it out before you start singing:

Troll queen Poppy (Kendrick) and her boss Brunch (Timberlake) jump into a basket full of balloons. Are you officially meeting now? I think after the troll world tour they are officially together. It’s about time, I mean, s*xual tension kills us. In the end, Brunch thought he was dating until Poppy revealed it. That their journey in the air wasn’t just about spending time together. This is also an opportunity to hand out invitations to the extensive Christmas gift fair you will be attending. Ball couple Dave and Buster have to go to the office to prepare some worksheets. However, Brunch understood that Poppy had a lot of royal duties, so she was always multitasking. Take a duet because you are handing out invites in the land of trolls. You must say “Signed, sealed, shipped, I am yours” with a death sentence by shooting.

So many of the trolls we know from the movies get their names out and start turning each other’s gifts into gibberish. One of the B stories is The Gift of Song. Where mini-rap troll Tiny Diamond (Kenan Thompson) reads closed verse to his friend (son? Gay lover?) in the voice of vocoder Guy Diamond (Kunal Nayyar), but can’t find the rhyme. About “diamonds” (you think they exist). So he had to find all sorts of crazy places to meet people from the clouds. Rhyme-a-Saurus (Travis Scott) et al. For spiritual guidance.

As for the A-story, Poppy and Brunch drew their names:

THAT TASK. Because it increases the pressure during the day. Look, Poppy is the goat, the donor, and she’s got to keep up with her craft unless I know what? Did you throw your ass like bowling yesterday? So he worked for her on a ridiculously large multitasking machine that she would almost certainly rethink. Garbage piles up and we wonder if there’s a gift for love this year or just an invention.

I’m at Camp Kendrick, good at everything, even if it’s bad, which doesn’t mean Trolls: Break In Harmony is bad. Doesn’t it imbue Kendrick Poppy’s character with an insatiable optimism that can make the other voice actors hot.

I reluctantly admit that this franchise grew like a beautiful mushroom to me. At the base of a creaking old tree. Perhaps due to the audiovisual craze, the colors and melody are much better in the 30 minute song. Maybe it’s because the explosive animation in The Felt – and the shop below – is hilarious. Maybe because they destroy too many brain cells. Further analysis of its appeal doesn’t sound pleasant. Assuming brain cells is the most likely truth here.

Holiday in Harmony is about to say goodbye and good intentions:

And a happy mood and happy joy, but not much heavenly serenity. Because it can be intense and a little hyperactive – but fits into the cinematic world of the trolls. Here’s a simple message: if you want to give someone a Christmas present. To do it with your hands or write with your brain, you might as well order a basin of hot water from Amazon and put it in a Santa Claus gift bag for Mickey. No more content for that cute, fun, flattering, and whimsical little getaway – and that’s even better for her.

Trolls: Resting in harmony is fun and energetic. Sometimes a smart half hour with a little more vitality than other vacation deals.