“Time Is Up” Review: Where Bella Thorne And Her Real Fiance Are Crazy Teen Lovers

In Time Is Up, which is now streaming and availible on the Amazon Prime Video. A real-life couple play Bella Thorne and Benjamin Mascolo. As a dedicated physics student and bad boy swimmer. He suddenly falls in love after his tense girlfriend ignores him. He is located in the unknown and romantic suburb of Rome, Italy.

Time Is Up does wants to show us that it’s never too late to enjoy life to the fullest.

Vivienne (Bella Thorne) is “calm”. In the end, happiness is exaggerated. She has a best friend, Steve (Sebastiano Pigatzi). A star swimmer who supports her best friend (Bonnie Badu). And loving parents who seem to only want the best for them. Even if their dad is out for a bit more than usual.

Vivienne is passionate about physics and is currently studying for a major exam. That could determine or destroy her future in college. Roy (Benjamin Mascolo), one of the Steve’s swim teammates, struggles to concentrate in the pool, thinking about his late mother.

And also his tumultuous relationship with his father. They are preparing for a giant swimming meeting in Rome in two weeks. Where Roy can find out what his future holds, and Steve promises to be Vivien’s more careful friend.

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A lot happened in the weeks leading up to the meeting; Vivien realizes that her parents’ marriage is not as happy as she thought and ignores her great ordeal. It is too stressed and tired from revealing about her parents to pass up. Her relationship with Steve only becomes strained. And when she fails to show up for the Halloween party.

She contacts Roy unexpectedly – but only shortly before he gives up training for a swimming match. To rekindle all her relationship with the Steve, she flies to Rome during a meeting to surprise him.

But when he can’t find her at the hotel, he spends the day with Roy. Who likes to show him his homeland, Italy. Sparks spark between the two as they get closer. But with secrets being exposed at every moment and a future at stake, their happiness together can be short-lived.

Time Running Out is one of those movies that gets a little goofy every time you try to get serious.

From an immersive, physics-related opening and ending story to dramatic confrontations with little or no real effort, it’s hard, to be honest about what happens in this film. This may be the film’s most minor sin, but the title is very vague and says almost nothing about its story, and the message at its heart is also unclear.

Who are these people, and what is really at stake here? Why is everything so dramatic? And what did he do in this extensive test? We get so little information about the fact that the stakes are never properly raised, leaving us with a strange and emotionless wooden experience (despite the film’s attempts to tell us how vital these things are).

With a meaningless script, serious unadulterated dialogue, and robotic looks, Time Is Up is no actual proof. Even some of the pictures of Rome look cheesy, which is sad because it’s one of the most beautiful places in the world. Maybe Bella Thorne and Benjamin Mascolo love to love it on screen the way our Instagram shows usually do? I’m glad they at least enjoyed themselves.

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This is more than I can say about any of us being forced to sit in a mind-boggling imagination without imagination. Time has ended. A film is so empty of content and story that I wonder if it would be too generous to call it a ” film”.

Bursting with wooden shows, stylish dialogue, and a climax so hilarious you can’t help but laugh, Time Is Up is an unforgettable mess.