The Witcher: Nightmare Of The Wolf Review: Might start off on a slow note, but definitely a thrilling one to watch

The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf does tells the actual origin of the vesemir. And that of all Witchers, including the Geralt with Bang.

An animated film is exciting and deserves the name of the Witcher. The film starts with the song, which is instead an atmosphere. It’s talking about bandits who rob a ruler of the span band, who protect it from monsters.

The storyline of the movie The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf:

The young man who sings the song is punished by his father. And was told to stop making his brothers. Of course, something far more frightening: actual monsters.

This is when viewers meet Vesemir, who killed the monster. He then left, leaving the boy himself to deal with his sadness. Viewers then watched a meeting between a king and his advisor. Tetra Gilcrest, a strong mage, spoke on behalf of the boy’s boy.

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He wants the king to investigate magicians. He has the feeling they are behind an enormous monster in the forest. Fortunately, the Witchers have allies also at Names Zerbst.

He spoke for magicians, said that Tetra had no evidence. He also reminded Tetra that magicians made Witchers not expect others to fix the problem. The king agreed with Lady Zerbst and did not want to disturb the Witchers.

Then Filvandrel spoke to Vesemir, translating something monsters who destroyed before it was gone. “Beware of Den Dead,” he said, according to Filavandrel. The language discussed is the old elf language, and Filvandrel wonders how such monsters will find out. Vesemir believes that something or someone controls the monster.

He is attacked by a Devil known as MAHR.

However, Deglan knew how to get rid of Satan and asked everyone to leave the room. However, Vesemir wants to stay, and Deglan allows him. He wants Vesemir to catch MAHR. Of course, things don’t go according to plan. Satan turned to eryana and vesemir hesitantly.

Fortunately, Deglan gets MAHR before you can escape. When he left, he ran to the vesemir and threw the child some coins. Vesemir wanted to come with Deglan, but Deglan called Ilyana, and Vesemir was hesitant. According to Deglan, “Witchers did not hesitate.”

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Vesemir finally went to find Deglan because he wanted to be a Witcher. Things then return to older vesemir, who knows about Tetra Gilcrest and what he thinks about Witchers. He believed that the Witchers were only good to kill. That they don’t have redemption quality. He should also be a descendant of the first human mage. Vesemir and Tetra finally have to travel together.

Vesemir also fulfilled the allies of Witcher, Lady Zerbst.

The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf movie is a packing of actions from the moment Vesemir and Tetra depart on their way. Lady Zerbst also has a secret, but don’t worry. It won’t spoil it. While the Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf movie does have some slow moments, overall, it grips and is really exciting.

The animated nature of the movie The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf is not in whatever way of the story. This is a dark story, which fans expect from the continent. There are enough crane plots to guess fans, but the story is also very grounded and real. In short, everything is a fan who wants from the Witcher universe.

There is a hidden, dark secret, and the problem is being brewed. This shows how Witchers were treated differently from the start. It also provides greater insight into surprising law, which is how Geralt claims traits. And, of course, it answers several questions that fans may have about the story universe while it might raise a new one.

The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf might not be for everyone. Some may find an animated aspect too childish or dislike art style. However, for those who don’t, Witcher: A wolf nightmare will be more than commensurate with the time spent on it. However, it was a fast watch and not too long to feel too long.

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Everything starts from vesemir and tetra travel full of excitement and mystery. Fans might think that it was just a story from Vesemir directly, but there must be some good surprises. And some are not so good. Fans will be at the end of their seats, want to know what happened next. Some fans may have it all know.