The Victory of the Playfulfet

Playfulfet has beaten all its contemporary online games and achieved the respect this year by winning the 2019 eGaming Awards for the best social gaming company of the year but a huge margin. This is the highest award for gaming in Spain and was first started in the year 2014.

This year, the awards took place in Madrid on 19th June and are primarily known for increasing the visibility of the game among the mass.

Playfulfet is a free to play social betting game primarily for sports platforms. It won the award of Empresa de Social Gaming.

The CEO of Playful feet, Christian Khoury, was present at the event to collect the award.

He was pleased to be recognised by his peer game companies in the industry. He believed the hard work of the team had finally paid off. In the last two years, their users have increased by 600000, which makes a total of eight point six million users across the globe.

He gives the credit for this success to their innovative social marketing skills and their creative industry partnership, which resulted in the creation of better experience and technology.

The game was founded in the year 2012 by the professional poker player Pol Ruiz. The game has simple rules. They provide you with virtual coins to bet on different live games of football, basketball, tennis, rugby baseball, etc.

When they win a bet their coins increase which they eventually can cash for electronic prizes like smartphones etc.

Playfulfet was purchased by EXOGROUP around twelve months ago. The CEO and founder of the company, Benjamin Fonze in an interview said he had always found potential in the game and with their available resources and technology they can not only increase their market shares but also take the game to greater heights.