Global Esports Director Kim Phan, Puts Her Sword Down In Blizzard

Kim Phan is leaving the industry to pursue her new endeavors. She is the director of Global Esports, American video game developer company, and publisher Blizzard. She left the firm to attain new career heights. It is yet not confirmed that who would be taking up her position now in that company, however, Phan announced her departure on Team Liquid Forum.

It’s been fifteen years she was associated with this company and was the one to discover forums. She mentioned that this site has been since she was in e-sports and this is the reason why she said her exit there on that site. Phan gave a beautiful message to all her colleagues in Blizzard that she wishes them all the very best and looks forward to her bright future. June 14th was her last day with her Blizzard Family.

Reports say that things did not work as they could have in the last few months. As Phan and Nanzer exited the organization, so with their outgoing, there are rumors of low morale among people and more resignations. Organization planned Heroes of the Storm e-sports plan in this December. Stability and employee sustainability are not Blizzard’s strong point at the moment. Even with their so many efforts, so many people out of the large crowd are making their exit paths.

Reports even say that Kim Phan was the second highest profile executive who resigned and exited the company within last month because, on May 25th Nate Nanzer, Overwatch League Commissioner also announced his resignation. Kim Phan is excited about her new future endeavors and looks forward to excelling in the same industry with new rules and areas to play around. She wrote a lot of good messages for people on the forum.