“The Shrink Next Door” Review: Where Paul Rudd and Will Ferrell Play A Manipulative Therapist and His Overbearing Patient

In 2010, drg. Isaac “Ike” Herschkopf (Paul Rudd) party in the same house, annoyed as usual. He saw Lisa Rina and asked a random curly man with a beard to take his photo. He then asked this man to collect towels while showing Rina the collection of painted cow statues that he had bought. Later that night, the same curly guy spreads out into the backyard, breaks the basketball hoop glass, and starts digging a hole.

We returned to the New York clothing district in 1982.

Marty Markovic (Will Ferrell) has taken over his family’s stage curtain-making business from his late father and is nervous. On the one hand, he’s trying to avoid his ex-girlfriend Deborah (Lindsay Kraft), whom he recently separated after promising a trip to Mexico. But he also had to accept that he wasn’t sure he could run his father’s business; his uncle sued him for that reason.

In both cases, his sister Phyllis Shapiro (Catherine Hahn) comes to his aid, even with her daughter’s scout troop in tow. She had the means to calm Marty’s panic attacks. Deborah told him to get laid right away. So suffocated that he hid behind a curtain instead of dealing with a gloomy old client.

After the panic attack, Phyllis suggests that Marty see Dr g reign, from whom he has heard many good things. Marty sat across from the young psychiatrist but felt that he had nothing to say. Then Dr Ruler of the unconventional: They go for a walk. They see a basketball game with a pickup truck during the walk, and the doctor puts Marty in it. When he asks Marty to pass the ball to him, Marty agrees, even though they are on different teams. This is a sign of Marty’s lack of self-worth.

He then asks Marty to call Deborah to tell her he won’t give her this trip to Mexico, but she gets another panic attack in the middle of the conversation. At a frame shop where doctors have framed pictures of him and Jackie Stallone, Marty insists on paying the doctor’s fees in cash, so the doctor has money to take the pictures home. Then he insisted on paying for an extra hour they bled. The two of them went to Deborah’s apartment with extra time. Where Dr The ruler acts as Marty’s attorney, and Deborah threatens legal action.

As I said, The Shrink Next Door is based on the Wondery/Bloomberg podcast of the same name:

Where reporter Joe Nosera tells the true story of how Herschkopf took over Markovic’s life during their 30-year relationship. Including persuading Markovic to allow doctors to take over his Long Island property.

Georgia Pritchett (Succession, Veep) is a showrunner (Michael Showalter, who directed the first episode. It is also an executive producer. Jesse Peretz directs the non-Showalter-directed episodes). And presents the story in a way that will evoke the thought of a twisted friendship series about two people, which does not fit in New York. And despite the presence of comedy fans like Rudd, Ferrell, Hahn and Casey Wilson (who plays Dr Herschkopf’s wife Bonnie), the show crosses the line between light drama and dark comedy for most of the first two episodes.

In the beginning, it was hard to see Ferrell and Rudd as two Jews with New Yawk accents in their 80s. Rudd (the only Jewish main character) sometimes sounds like he makes the best impression on Billy Crystal as ruler, hence the This Analysis reference/we made earlier. And we’re not buying Ferrell like the meek. Lazy Marty, because he stands out above everyone else, provides an even more disturbing accent. And grows his hair in a way that makes it seem like a Jeff Lynn biography. And not a role for a man so vulnerable to someone like Herschkopf that he would give his life to an unscrupulous psychotherapist.

But when you realize that the story happened, it gets interesting.

Our interest grows during the second episode. Where Herschkopf not only encourages Marty further to establish himself with his staff (including Phyllis). But then persuades him to take a second bar mitzvah for his 40th birthday. He told Marty that this was to make up for the horrible experience. While sitting in the bathroom with stomach problems. And Phyllis herself then had to help him off the table. But then we realize how bad the doctor’s childhood was, and the scene where he recited Haftor’s verses was like being in the limelight, he said.