The Seven Deadly Sins: Release date & Expected Story line

Anime lovers, one of the most loving series ‘The Seven Deadly Sins,’ is back again with one more dense action and further continuation of the story line.


The first season The Seven Deadly Sins was aired in 2014, and within no time it was on trending. Anime has also been a substantial changer for A1 photographs, a studio famous for generating and wrecking manga stories.

A-1 photograph studio had more liberty with its cartoon style, made The Seven Deadly Sins backed up with more bloodshed and adequate gore to make the scene real and naturally more enjoyable.

The anime was passed to Studio Deen for the season 4 ‘The Seven Deadly Sins: Wrath of the gods,’ but the outcome was disappointing. Season 4 undergone a drop in cartoon style and it’ quality.

In season 4, during the fight scene, impaled characters bled white light rather than red blood, making amine lovers spellbind.


Nothing about the anime has changed, but many of us expected that Anime variant of the anime wouldn’t have any censorship Season 4: Wrath of the Gods premiered on august 6, that’s why this anime is in higher demand.

There is higher expectation with upcoming season 5, and there is nothing we can do except to wait the time to come.

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Expected storyline:

The Seven deadly sins season 5 storyline is not released officially, and we can make assumptions as per the last storyline conclusion.

Meliodas revealed his pure demonic form concluding the season 4, and more twist is expected to have significant backlash for the next season with more dense actions and graphics enhancements.

Release date :

Great News for anime lovers, The seven deadly sins season 5 is currently confirmed. The probable title will be “The seven deadly sins: Judgement of fury. On August 1, 2020, It was declared that the series will be available in Japan in January 2021 & will come to Netflix on April 2021.


Due to the global pandemic, the whole entertainment industry got hit very severely, incurring huge losses leading to more delays in new upcoming shows.

The Seven deadly sins seasons five does not have any official release date yet, Above stated dated are expected dates as per reports.