“The Seven Deadly Sins: Cursed by Light” Review: Crazy movie outing in a weird anime series that ends crazy

The attackers release Indura, described as a dinosaur the size of a cat bus, from a frog the size of an almost mountainous hill, and the carved elf kills a spear and throws it into Indura’s mouth and releases butt, killing her. So much for the exhibition; things are going crazy here.

I take it back: it’s jam-packed with exposure, just not early enough, brouhaha:

It is so funny that people wonder if the series could add and the film fired its nuclear weapons too early. But no, these are the Seven Deadly Sins.

These are bananas straight from the tree from wall to wall. The Seven Deadly Sins – the knights were – warriors who possessed magic and weapons and were named after sins and animals.

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And who also received Christian names from their parents, some of whom were humans – ending centuries of holy war and bringing peace to the ball.

The giants, fairies, humans and goddesses had defeated the demons, and now all was silent except for the carved fairy humans and the deadly flying dodo chicken riders who didn’t want this to end and fascinated a portion of the population of their five races. And they forced them to attack the wayward population of the above five races, and they did so without warning.

All this interferes with some marriages. Meliodas (voiced by Yuki Kaji) and Elizabeth (Sora Amamiya) are linked to make hiKingng of Lyon. Meliodas Zeldris’ older brother (also Yuki Kaji) will marry his favourite vampire Gelda before ascending the demon throne.

The former pair collide with the second, and when they sense something is wrong with the Force, they withdraw from the investigative partner in the demon realm.

The third wedding reception opened the Fairy King, King (his name iKingng, don’t get me wrong) (Jun Fukuyama), who tied the knot with his partner Sin Dayan (Aoi Yuki), who was a giant. In the face of that, it was about ten times bigger. One imagined consumption as something worth seeing.

Unfortunately, we can’t watch with painful charm as their reception is rocked by obsessed giants and fairies. Which happens to too many weddings these days.

Other characters are introduced, perhaps out of obligation:

Because they have little meaning in the story. It doesn’t matter because there is bound to be a fight and a sin. Their allies have their crazy magical powers against the engraved fairy tale man Dahlia (Yuichi Nakamura), the long-lost second enchanting King.

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If that matters and partners in Dodo’s cock, Dubs (Shin ‘Ichiro Kamio) is a master at that matters. The battle consists of many words that accompany their destructive actions, e.g. There will be fierce martial arts and “stupid” and “my strength is beyond your comprehension” explanations, and who will win the battle, the fool or the hero? Don’t look at me. I won’t spoil it for anyone.

No, THOUSANDS OF MILLERS OF GOD doesn’t end it all, and I don’t have an answer as to why because it looks far superior to the other extreme powers these madmen throw at it.

Cursed by the light, he ends up making some shocking revelations, barely audible, but one that could be significant to SDS loyalists. No spoilers, but I’m sure I can sum it up with a shrug: “Amir’s mother-in-law?”

A lot of the dialogue does actually sounds like random words.

So here’s some of the gist of the series: FINAGLE! RED TICKET FEATHER! PERISCOPE UP! Each character has healthy, round breasts or stomachs, but they all speak in shrill, childish voices and act like genderless broad-shouldered innocents. Yet they have sown much death and destruction in the name of peace.

All of this is quite confusing conceptually, but I think it’s about reversal. It’s hard not to admire things like the Seven Deadly Sins for their wild art. As if M.O. is to throw every idea like 300 ping pong balls out there. And see if we can catch all of them, pure brains and redundant eyeballs.

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At the time, the series was great, though anything resembling a recognizable human emotion exploded. From the ruthless limbs in its constituent atoms. It’s far to say that it’s just a bit about an 80-minute film track. But I also speak like a person who doesn’t take psychedelic drugs.