“The Many Saints of Newark” Review: Sopranos prequel keeps it locked down

It’s probably inevitable that the most incredible television show in history. It will produce a rather disappointing full-length prehistory: looks but oddly stupid with a sly narrative that doesn’t add much. Co-written by legendary soprano creator David Chase and directed by Alan Taylor.

The Many Saints of Newark gives us the childhood of a leader. Teenager Tony Soprano, who grew up in New Jersey in the 1960s. Particularly during the 1967 riots in Newark. Which provoked racism “white flight”, which explains why the older Tony has a castle street in the suburbs.

The visits in the opening credits of each episode.

Michael Gandolfini, the son of the late James Gandolfini. Who played a role on television. Bestowes a young Tony with goosebumps-induced deja-vu. Tony’s sleepy sensitivity, melancholy, fiery vengeance, and dangerous hurt feelings are all trapped in the embryo.

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John Bernthal plays his father Johnny, and his scary mother. Vera Farmiga, plays Livia which very well describes Libya’s arrogant behaviour. But you could spend the entire film waiting for the first sign of those essential minor. The convulsions that the TV show says came from Tony’s dad. Will history be rewritten, or will it correct false memories?

The dramatic focus is now on Tony’s honorary uncle Dicky Moltisanti (his name means “many saints”). Plays by Alessandro Nivola, who was the hull and Tony’s father. While Johnny is in prison, an incident that sopranos – Fans will remember from flashback to show.

Dickie is Chris Moltisanti (Michael Imperioli). Who tells the film beyond the grave. John Magaro is Silvio Dante; Samson Moacchiola is “Big Pussy” Bonpensiero, and Ray Liotta is cast as a grandfather.

By Chris Moltissanti, maintaining the Sopranos franchise relationship with Scorses Goodfellas. Among these younger versions, Corey Chair plays the mischievous, bald Corrado “Uncle Jr. Soprano. Billy Magnussen is Polly “Walnuts” Gualtieri. Reported that Scorsese himself was displeased with Sopranos.

Perhaps surrounded by episodes where he was played by an actor entering the club. At the same time, Chris Moltisanti boldly shouted that he liked Kundun – and Scorsese’s name was. It was misspelt in the credits of this TV episode.

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Don’t fully address the issue of racism.

The film shows the family’s growing antagonism towards the African-American group. Which is led by Harold McBriar (played by Leslie Odom Jr.). And how their paranoia and xenophobia are exacerbated by unrest.

Snd suspicions that Italian-American crime is booming – but the film is not. Impulsive Dickie Multisanti uses these excesses to cover up his most psychopathic murder. A moment of noir fun, though there’s a second insane murder that shouldn’t cover-up.

Multisanti’s point of view is interesting, but frankly, not as attractive as Tony’s parents, especially his mother. We hear about Libya’s psychological problems and Tony (Tony’s career counsellor wittily considers the therapist role). But Farmiga certainly has to be more critical. There was a gloriously dysfunctional moment.

When Johnny confronted him. With a car gear with a gun right next to his ear. Angry at his wife’s persistence. Still, Livia remained motionless and stared steadfastly even as her hijab smoked, and Johnny is cooking to mumble. “Don’t look at me like that.” Meanwhile, Tony’s fateful career choice is at hand.

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Of course, we’ll probably get many MCU-style movies for these guys, so dramatic cuts and partial disappointments won’t matter. There are many sinners here: For the next film. I want the lead role of Tony’s mother. My most terrible Libyan, Claudius.