“The Housewives of The North Pole” Review: Sweet Christmas Movie Starring Kyle Richards

The hosts met Hallmark in “The Hosts of the North Pole,” which is now airing on Peacock. It was inevitable that Bravo wanted to take advantage of the Christmas movie craze. And it made sense to include Real Housewives from Beverly Hills OG and actress Kyle Richards.

Here the streaming platform uses the knowledge to create family movies that you don’t have to be a big fan to watch.

Kyle Richards plays Trish, a woman who loves decorating her home for Christmas. As much as she loves her daughter, husband, and best friend Diana (Betsy Brand). Diana owns an art gallery in her charming town, is the mother of a son, Jake (Kyle Selig), and is currently divorced.

But in true housewife spirit, Trish and Diana aren’t arguing (with Christmas shopping, of course). And face a broken friendship, Jake and Trish’s daughter Skye (Jernest Corchado) team up to bring her parenting friends back. At the same time, many kids get together to fall in love with each other more than with friends.

On top of this vital city complication, there’s the inclusion of Kendall (Tetona Jackson). A writer for the fictional American Life website who then finds a great story. But finds herself in an avalanche as this friendship becomes competitive.

It is Selig and Corchado who steal the show here. They are charming and romantic, and I need a movie for these characters for next year. Damon Dyub as Nick “The Reindeer Man”, who appears as Diana’s would-be love interest. Who doesn’t quite get on the screen but makes his presence felt and smiles when he’s around.

“I need clickbait!” Alec Mapa, just like Xander said. As Kendall’s editor at the American Life website, she was pressured to find something “sharper” to report. And while he insists that “everyone wants a good humor story from time to time”. His the (true) assertion that “good intentions don’t pay the bills” is undoubtedly true at Host Universe. The entire exchange serves as the equivalent of a housewife sitting down with other cast members. To spread the rumours they hear, aka: They know drama is on its way.

I liked this film even more than I expected.

I know it’s going to be a sour Christmas dinner, but damn if it doesn’t blow me away. This is very funny! If you like Christmas movies but not presenters (maybe) or presenters. But not Christmas movies (perhaps?). There is a lot more than enough to enjoy here.

Kyle Richards brings just the right amount of energy into this project and feels perfect for it. His acting is excellent, he always looks great, and he has experience fighting with friends. Perhaps we can sum this up nicely: yes, drinks are thrown in here, but it’s a kind of fizzy coffee. The city’s baristas were amazed that it was an “ice-cold holiday latte with double whipped cream”. Funny details like these make the film enjoyable everywhere.

I have to admit, the hosts of the North Pole gave me the Christmas spirit this year. It’s easy and pleasant to look at, always well predictable. But still allows for some surprises in the form of acquaintances. That (of course) make a lot of gossips. And finally, it’s a reminder that our friendship, with its ups and downs, is one of our most important relationships.