“The Family That Sings Together: The Camargos” Review: A Reality Show for Brazilian Music Stars and Their Families

I grew up on a farm,” Zeze Di Camargo said behind his back. As he watched a mare crowing across green meadows at sunset. “I want to sing, and I never wanted to sing to be rich. But life is not a bed of roses. And footage of life on a rural farm became a private aeroplane flying and scenes in a recording studio.

Zeze Di Camargo is actually among one of the most famous Brazilian singers.

Born Mirosmar Jose de Camargo into a farming family in Pyrenopolis. A city in the midwestern state of Goiás, Zeze and his brother Welson David de Camargo (Luciano) began singing. And performing in a landscape style similar to that of Sertanejo. in the region. 30 years and 50 million records sold, Zeze’s music on Camargo & Luciano is still trendy, and Zeze is rich. But all those decades of singing, recording, and touring have affected her family’s life. He was primarily absent until his children Vanessa, Camilla, and Igor grew up. His career in the public eye and the infidelity that came with it eventually ruined his marriage.

When “The Family Sings Together” started, Zeze tried to slow down a bit and reconnect with his kids. He wrote and recorded an album with Vanessa, a well-known singer. And a father and daughter also visited the Di Camargo family property in rural Pyrenopolis. Where Zeze was raised by his beloved mother and recently abandoned father. As he makes his invites to his extended family to his well-equipped farm and ranch in Araguapaz for some much-needed research and development and a general barbecue, Zeze’s attempts to reconcile fill old wounds of separation, divorce, and a chronic lack of love.

Igor and Vanessa are not shy about going into detail about how much Zeze was absent in their early life. And it pisses him off, even as he explains his desire to be better. But at the same time, Vanessa said that she started singing and recording music to be closer to her father, the channel that brought Di Camargos together.

“Now I have the opportunity to spend time with you”:

Zeze said during the first episode of The Family Singing Together. Our relationship will change after this series. The Brazilian star says it clearly, but his determination may show cracks. During A New Beginning at Every Turn,” the first episode of this five-part series is about Zeze and his relationship with the Di Camargo family. The great thing, he spends half his time talking in front of the camera trying to make things right and the other half not doing things like participating in guessing games or admitting that he’s a total non-existent father to his kids.

There is an apparent tension between his life with his new girlfriend Graciela Laserda and how his grown children deal with him and his ex-wife, Zilu Godoy. Speaking of Godoy, there’s also a public spectacle of their divorce here, a story steeped in the drama’s title and a feeling that the new realities are still pretty harsh for the Di Camargo family. (Vanessa and Igor finish the series on episode one, where they talk about all the places on Zeze’s farm where they saw their mother that she wasn’t allowed back on the property.) Music is the band’s mainline and creates harmony between generations. But there’s a lot beneath the surface too, and it should give Family That Sings Together some dramatic reality shows.

Above all, they offer their fans access to a more personal side of Brazilian music stars Zeze and Wanessa. But there are enough family battles and dramatic fame here to captivate the casual audience.