The Duchess: Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Trailer Details

According to the Oxford dictionary, “Duchess” means a female ruler. A woman, who holds a rank equivalent to duke in her own right, and it aptly describes Katherine Ryan in the show. Fresh off her Netflix special “In Trouble,” Katherine had an idea. She wanted to make a series based on her real-life as a single mom living in London. And Netflix did just that!

The Duchess is somewhat a Catastrophe-Like single-cam Comedy, set in London. Katherine Ryan is the writer, creator, and executive producer of the new series. It revolves around a fashionably disruptive single mom, her daughter, and her troublesome “baby daddy.” 

With quirky dialogues and seemingly flawless and funny delivery, especially by Katherine, the series looks promisingly entertaining! Therefore, if you want to know all about its Release Date, Cast, Plot, and more, read on.

Release Date:

With trailers out about a month ago, the series is set for a launch on the 11th of this month. Moreover, the Duchess was the latest project from the Canadian comedian Catherine. However, the shoot for the Duchess was over quite a long time ago. 

Furthermore, the series will be containing six episodes for the first season. Each episode is approximately 30 minutes long. Netflix is the official distributor for The Duchess. Hence, you can stream it on their screen on 11 September 2020. Above all, those who want to binge-watch it can do it, starting this Friday!

The Cast of The Duchess:

Katherine Ryan stars as herself in the series. 

She is a renowned Canadian actress and comedian and is best known for her appearances on comedy panel shows throughout the UK. She also has two stand-up specials to her name on Netflix.

Furthermore, Steen Raskopoulos stars as Evan, Ryan’s boyfriend, in the series. At the same time, Katy Byrne is seen playing their daughter, Olive.

The Show’s Plot: 

To be honest, the plot of the show is Katherine’s life! The show has a comical feel to it. But it also discusses the highs and lows of Katherine’s life.

The story revolves around her and her daughter Olive. Katherine loves her daughter and is a single mother. She discovers that her daughter is the best thing that has ever happened to her. This thought, in turn, motivates her to go for a second child. She thinks finding a sperm donor is the way to go. But, all her plans collapse, and finally, she is stuck with her ex-husband.

Catherine’s ex-husband happens to be an “ex-Rockstar” from a famous Musical band. He is childish, alcoholic, and naive. Watch her as she tries to convince him for another baby. Moreover, the comedy and the sense of humor seem promising as she goes by her daily life. With boyfriends, weird doctors, plush friends, and a loving daughter, the life of Katherine Ryan look like a hot mess. Add some, no, “A lot” of humor and hilarity to it! And you get “The Duchess.” Who wouldn’t want a piece of that? Right!

Trailer Details:

Netflix is just out with a trailer for the show, and It looks promising, to say the least. Depicting funny scenes while narrating the story beautifully, it sure looks like anticipation inducing trailer. All in all, the selling point is Katharine’s funny, bold, and sometimes out of control portrayal of herself. If you haven’t seen it yet, you must! You can find it on YouTube to watch.

The Duchess premises on Netflix on 11 September 2020!