The Djinn Review: David Charbonier and Justin Powell filmmakers made their debut in 2002 with a boy behind the door

1989, and the beam of teenagers Dylan (Ezra Dewey) has moved to a new apartment with his father. Soft stone radio DJ Michael (Rob Brownstein). Ezra has lived with her mother, but a flashback repeatedly. From a traumatic night full of sobs and burning candles shows the worst.

Ezra and his father were Buddy-Buddy and signed. Each other when they ate to bring home from China and read Pinocchio. But when Michael went for an overnight air shift, Ezra decided to explore the secret he found.

Amid the left garbage from the previous tenant:

An older man seemed to die in the apartment. Ezra had found a book wrapped in the bark in beads and decorated with the Runic inscription. A child was once alone. He examined the apartment for what he needed to do “desire desire”.

It written in the script in Tome-Bounde Bound – mirror, candle, wood match; Safety pin to pull the blood. Ezra dwells in the past. He blamed himself because his mother left, blaming his mute properties. He missed one desire that called Djinn might give. “The spirit of fire,” he signed into the mirror. “Give me my desire.” He wants to talk again.

Immediately, evil things happen. Dark smoke directs the room; It takes the form of the human being – the older man, seen in the painting.

An convict that escaped was described in the newspaper. And Dylan suddenly found him to fend off Djinn for fighting for his path. To the physical world of an unknown environment. Of course, he read the spell and warning.

“Maybe cost your soul.” But like humans with single-minded hopes. The hope for fulfilling the desire to push the risk of coming out of the frame. Now he has more than he is fresh, trying to stay long enough.

To extinguish the candle’s flame in the middle of the night. Will Dylan survive to see his wishes come true? Well, the spirit and other ghost forces have their ideas about how the offer is broken.

Our takeover: with the gift of the vibration of maji and a strong taste:

Of how many people trickster world spirits enjoy irony. Djinn is not a horror film because it is a tragic tale. Built from recurrent memories and the world of insists of a child. Who bears the emotional and physical scars of his past.

The film plays a surprise and fear because they might occur in high moments from the story of Brothers Grimm. But unfortunately for Dylan, this is not a folk thread that falls on the Aarne-Thompson-Uther index. The mantra he wanted might come from the book, but the danger presented was right in the two-bedroom walkup.

Director and Author David Charbonier and Justin Powell managed many tensions. As they were loosely loose from the page. Djinn raised several home vibrations because Dylan increased.

The close-up weapons and cunningly from daily household items. They also got many games from horror film trop that reached the door. To wrestle for their victims, or crashed into the wall to scratch the meat. But Djinn also wanted to keep the action a little for a moment.

When Dylan was pursued through a strange environment:

This new apartment where he was abandoned alone. It made sense to consider everything from a dream perspective or a nightmare. He opened a strange and lured book.

He pierced fingers, candles melted, spell intoned. But he also looked back to his memory about sleeping in his mother’s house. Djinn solves the physical world to let coal smoke from the Spirit realm. But how different from what our sleep brain does every night? Especially for a child who has transported a minor trauma.

Djinn is composed with strict and tense. Not enough horror, but sometimes scary. It refers to people’s magic and fear of childhood. To be fully aware of the stories of children who struggle to fulfil the best.