“The Addams Family 2” Review: Which brings back the iconic Goth, Goth clan for some generic evil

Wednesday Adams (voiced by Chloe Grace Moretz) is a 13-year-old who is unusual in almost every way except that she is completely and utterly ashamed of her family. The logic behind their claims is, frankly, unstable. Pastor Gomez (Oscar Isaac), of course, is an outstanding stick figure. But her mother, Mortisia (Charlize Theron), is super cool, with a soft voice, subtly modern elegance.

Wednesday should be grateful that his little brother Pugsley (Javon “Wanna” Walton) is the perfect target for his tormenting urges. And Addams has staff! This is the primary upper-crust type of life: butlers! Who has the butler? Lurch (Conrad Vernon), who will scare badges from Amazon couriers, and housekeeper Ting, who is the literal definition of a helping hand. He had to count his blessings.

But teenagers become teenagers, I guess.

We open it up at the School Science Fair, where Wednesday shows off some of the crazy skills of mad scientists by mixing up their real octopus DNA and that of Fester’s (Nick Kroll) uncle.

Their fragile race provides a sleek model of the volcano and similar standards. However, still, everyone gets a reward for participation. Which is presented via a hologram of the famous scientist Cyrus Strange (Bill Hader).

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When Adams’ relatives get angry and wake up and because of that, like them at the fair, Wednesday begins to back off. Then a lawyer (Wallace Sean) knocks on the door and tells Gomez and Mortisia that there might be confusion when Wednesday is born in the hospital nursery, which seems ridiculous. I mean, look at that girl: could such a pale, easy-going child be the product of someone other than these wool-painted freaks? The eye test seems final.

After Gomez fights a disgusting lawyer, Gomez decides what to do to force the family to reunite by crouching in their giant ultra-diesel camper that looks like a Hindenburg, a humpback whale, and going on a week-long trip. How could they afford it, one might ask? Does Gomez have a job? Are you still rich?

How much is the tax for the spooky style? I have many questions.

However, Grandma (Beth Middler) stays behind while they are followers, and the lawyer catches her on a motorbike. The episodic adventure takes place in Miami and Alamo and Grand Canyon etc. Its cousin (Snoop Dogg) joins them for a while. Will lawyers give reasons for leaving Addamses on Wednesday? NO SPOILER, but maybe you already know the answer.

Have you ever been late for the end credits of a relatively new animated film? There are many names. It takes an army of creative personalities to create CG caricatures to modern visual performance standards. If you’re watching a cartoon at the theatre or raising $20 for a streaming show, it might look good – fresh, colourful, dynamic. This is particularly true of the Addams 2 family, which have their eccentric Gothic aesthetic and their impasto, monochrome characters often encounter bright, sunny environments for comedic effect, especially if you’re classmates.

But I don’t know why so much craft and artistic skill can be left to messy fonts in my life.

The script never seems to have the time to develop ideas: This is the Adams family on the beach! Here the Addams family is in sight! This is what will happen if Wednesday is forced to enter the competition! Here comes Uncle Fester and a few more bangs and bangs! It’s a reference to Carrie! And by the way, stupid Uncle Fester slowly turned into a cephalopod. Does anyone write actual jokes? No? Of course not. And is it “skip” from the soundtrack? “I will survive”? “Top ace” Motorhead? Yes, yes, are you kidding?

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An unbreakable rule should be that any script containing the line. “This left a trail” is sent to the shredder. But sadly, such disturbing clichés are ignored here. As the film is based on the appeal of the franchise and shows very little interest in getting its iconic characters to do or say something memorable. All we can do is admit the irony that Addams Family 2 left no trace.

Perhaps The Addams Family 2 is a diversion for the less critical of young people. Nevertheless, it is a one-way IP discovery exercise with relatively simple merchandising and refund possibilities. If you think I sound cynical, imagine what a studio meeting would be like.