Terry Jones passes away at 77 after battle with dementia

A comedian, director, screenwriter, and author, Terence Graham Parry Jones died at 77 at his house near North London. He died because of a neurological disease known as progressive Aphasia, as stated by his family. His ex-wife, Alison Telfer, confirmed his death. Due to the disease, there was an impairment of communication ability. He was born in Colwyn Bay and shifted to England when he was a four-and-half year old. He was an Oxford Graduate, where he met Michael Palin, a member of the comedy group Monty Python.

Terry Jones and five others wrote the famous show “Monty Python ‘s Flying Circus“. The show became a phenomenon hit, first in Britain and then in the US in the mid-1970s. The show was different from the other shows on the television and became a humor brand in that era.

Terry was successful as a director. His work includes three Monty Python franchise, Erik the Viking, The Wind in the Willows. He was even successful as a writer for his children’s fiction. He also loved writing his mind on politics and the most successful was “War on the War on Terror”. His editorial columns were there in many newspapers like The Guardian, The Daily Telegraph and The Observer.

Terry Gilliam, one of his co-writer in Python tweets- “HE WAS A VERY NAUGHTY BOY!!…and we miss you. Terry was someone totally consumed with life.. a brilliant, constantly questioning, iconoclastic, righteously argumentative and angry but outrageously funny and generous and kind human being and very often a complete pain in the ass. One could never hope for a better friend. Goodbye, Tel.” 

Michael Palin one of his best friends from Oxford said, “Terry was first of all an enormous enthusiast” in the latest interview.