Switch between Audio and Video on the YouTube Music App now

YouTube has successfully matched five million audio tracks with their official videos. Premium users on YouTube Music can now transit from the audio of a track to watching the music video without any hindrance.

To switch between audio songs to music videos, the user just needs to tap a single button. Brandon Bilinski, Product Manager, YouTube Music wrote in a blog post on Thursday, “A video button can be seen at the top of the screen when the user starts listening to a song. Tapping on that button will instantly start the music video for them. They can turn back to the audio at the same point,”

It is ensured by YouTube Music that when a user decides to go back from video to the audio, all the other sounds that are in the music video, like long introductions, would not be included in between the audio song.

Bilinski further added, “Not into music videos? We’ve got you covered. To stick to songs 100 percent of the time, turn off the music video option by toggling ‘Don’t play music videos’ to the ‘on’ position,”

YouTube Music was launched in India earlier in March.

Recent reports by Deloitte and the Indian Music Industry (IMI) shows that the audio and video over the top (OTT) market in India is valued at around $280 million.

Almost 150 million monthly active users get access to millions of soundtracks across platforms with this evolving audio OTT market.