Raisin gains $28M backing from Goldman Sachs for its investments and cutbacks

For Savings and investment products, Raisin has introduced a Pan-European Marketplace. Raisin has boosted up the additional funding. In February, Goldman Sachs has already invested 28 million dollars. The new capital is going to be used by Raisin for building its U.S. attendance ahead of 2020 launch crossways the pond. The startup has stated that its U.S. plans in the month of May would be enabled to offer good shops around for much better investments. $12.7 trillion has been deposited in the U.S.

The company is also looking forward to entering you into the new European markets b by the end of the following year or maybe at the end of this year. Raisin has also had nearly 6 particular saving platforms. In Germany, UK, France, Netherland, Spain, Austria, Raisin has currently the specific saving platforms.  In other 28 European countries, the generic site is also availed by Raisin.

Raisin has been founded by Dr. Tamaz Georgadze (CEO), Michael Stephan (COO), Dr. Frank Freund (CFO) in the year 2012. For more than 185,000 customers all across the country, it has brokered more money.

The Raisin market gives 480 plus savings products and stuffs from 80 European partner banks by way of its deposits-as-a-service. The fintech also has allocation corporations with N26, Commerzbank, Yolt, among others, as its efforts to traverse the market banking drift.

Prompt statement from Rana Yared, managing executive, Goldman Sachs major Strategic Investments that Raisin has urbanized an only one of its sort investments market with a firm commerce representation, imposing enlargement and a faithful consumer base. You may look really excited to shore up the company’s stupendous organization squad in implementing their vision. if you still have any kind of doubt left, you can make better use of other similar platforms right now without asking anyone else.