‘Sofia’ Review: Picks apart class hypocrisy via a story of a young woman

Comparison with Tunisian “beauty and dogs” will, unfortunately. Hound Morocco “Sofia,” although it must make parallel, is the last title that comes out as a better film. Both of them centred around the night of nightmares in the lives of middle-class women. When the persecution for deviations felt in a social contract reached a rough proportion. In the case of “Sofia,” the woman surprised himself and his family when he gave birth to marriage:

They counted manipulating the situation with his purpose:

His debut, the Directors of Meryem Benm’Barek. He won the best screenplay prizes in Cannes’ UN UN Certain UN, although even without awards. This excellent Mordan film is feasible to travel widely on the festival circuit and art houses outside the Francophone countries,

Another comparison that arises in mind is “4 months, 3 weeks, 2 days”. It’s suitable for Benm’Barek’s way of blocking its scene (Belgian Sinematografer player Putra Doan. Which can change matches the category of “Romania”). And the biting look at the health of the hypocritical community a woman. Even eating scenes share the vibration of Romania’s new waves, although “Sofia” does not feel derivatives.

Things begin at dinner when Faouzi (Faouzi Bensïdi) and his family entertained Ahmed (Mohammed Bousbaa), a businessman. The latter wished to close the agreement that would make him less dependent. On his brother-in-law to maintain the top of the class aspiration weight.

When Princess Faouzi Sofia (Maha Alemi) almost doubled with pain in the kitchen:

The medical cousin of Lena cousins ​​(Sarah Perles) assessed the situation and realized she was pregnant. At that time, Sofia water broke, and Lena wastes her to the hospital, creating a reason for the family. She tried to get her cousin to acknowledge without the necessary ID or supervision of her parents.

Lena insisted that the baby’s father was after working the connection. To get Sofia to check in and send the baby. Confused and resistant, the young woman who is exhausted and leads it to Omar (Hamza Khafif). He lives with his family in the working class’s Casablanca environment. A cousin usually won’t enter. At this time had told the parents of Sofia and Bibi Leila (Lubna Azabal).

Everyone convenes at Omar’s apartment in one of the most substantial order of movies:

After a disturbing scene with a faltered camera, Benm’barek hired a static shot rigidly around three square sides because the two families tried to reach an agreement. Parents and Bibi Sofia looked at social disasters, which can easily have financial implications, by quickly insisting on a married couple. At the same time, the single mother, Omar Zohra (Rawia), aroused excellence sacrificing her son’s happiness by blocking him to this. from family.

Slim Benm’Barek, the nuances of the nuances chose separate class hypocrisy in the Moroccan society, where Haute Bourgeoisie was a Hellbent in the preservation status and aura of European sophistication no matter the personal consequences. The two young women are an example drawn with extraordinary. Sofia is part of the aspirational strata that passionately won financial and socio-cultural urbanity. While the Lena family, high to the highest ball thanks to the origins and wealth of his father, sitting on Astride Franco- Moroccan culture with a superior sense of ownership.

Lena features are smooth, the ease in France and its career paths:

In contrast to Doughy Sofia’s appearance, preferences to speak Arabic. As wives and rulers of the house. In many ways, the rebels did not want to imitate his cousin or follow the path that his parents wanted him to take, but he also setbacks, Skimming to achieve the role expected by his family.

The two main actresses were very well thrown. Although Alemi had a more critical role, spending most of the films appeared to peak and sullen. He subtly changed the table to reveal the power of the previous character hidden. Pelosi is a joy to watch, deliver a sincere Lena concern for his cousin’s situation. With a sense of naive moral anger because sympathetic.

The understated control of the facial expression slightly means he has a screen on each scene. The camera movement was calibrated smoothly to every shift in the tone. Moving from observations that were secretly in the dinner scene with the familiarity conceived. When looking for an Omar apartment and the gaze that remained cold. When Sofia Cumingly changed the situation for its profit.