“Single All the Way” Review: This may be the best romantic Christmas novel of 2021

Michael Yuri plays Peter, an advertising assistant for an unprecedented nightmare boss specializing in insta-sponsored thirst-catching publications. Peter’s true passion is for plants – and not just because his relationship with flora lasts longer than ever with a man.

After another devastating breakup, Peter persuades his roommate and girlfriend Nick (Philemon Chambers) to spend Christmas with his family in New Hampshire. As well as pretend to be his girlfriend because Peter wants his family to love him.

However, there is a slight kink in the plan:

Peter Carroll’s mother – I mean Christmas Carol, played by Katie Najimi. It has arranged her son on a blind date with his coach (Luke McFarlane). To make matters worse, Nick tells Peter.

That he has to go on a blind date before Peter begins to weave a web of lies about their fake relationship. But Peter’s mother isn’t the only one obsessed with Peter’s dating life. Soon will convince the whole family that Nick is Peter’s husband. And they will make sure they fall in love no matter what.

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Which performance is not worth seeing? This film is full of a team of professionals who know how to do anything for fun. It turns out there’s Katie Najimi and Jennifer Coolidge, two gay cannon angels who play opposite sisters.

Each character feels completely attuned to Najimi and Coolidge’s strengths. Najimi is a great Type-A mom who loves making home decor signs. That mom buys in bulk from TJ Maxx (some say, “Calm down – we’re all crazy. This isn’t a race.”)

But I had to call Jennifer Robertson, hot for Jocelyn at Sheets Creek. She plays Peter’s sister Lisa with a lot of fear. Which she hides under that big old smile all the time. There are whole films with Najimi and Robertson as mother and daughter that are too similar.

You never know what a holiday movie will get on Netflix. They can be as funny as Love Hard, bananas as excellent as The Princess Switch 3: Romancing the Star, or not look like Santa Claus is back at all. So with the single All the Way – which looks fantastic, sure. But the film can either be lazy, full of bad jokes, or give nothing to top talent like Najimi and Coolidge.

That’s why I’m at a loss for saying that Single All the Way is a good service.

It’s everything you want from a vacation rom-com – and more. The story works, the performances are great, the chemistry is spot on, the feelings are there, and every joke goes in. It’s not just enjoying wine-like “Prince Christmas” and not getting any points, and it’s incredibly risqué like Holiday.

This is a thoroughly enjoyable romantic getaway film without warning. The film was successful due to Coolidge and Najimi, who both had moments of laughter that were warmer than expected.

But we have to talk about how great Michael Uri is in this role. Urie, charming, funny, awkward and charismatic as usual, fits perfectly into this film. It’s so perfect that it looks like Uri is waiting for this particular genre to be created.

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He played a character usually reserved for Lacey Chabert’s and Candice Cameron Bures. It was a role that never given to a male because gay Christmas movies didn’t exist until last year. That’s why it’s great to see how Uri finds material that considers his natural talent. And his ability to be pushy and sweet at the same time.

And the chemistry with Philemon Chambers? Off the charts – and that’s not what started. It is built exactly as the story requires. You see these two BFFs realizing that they can be BFs and never feel inappropriate. It feels surprising – when you walk into the film without knowing anything about the plot. If you have read this far, I have taken this opportunity from you.