Shardula Review: Is the journey devious or its just an illusion

The film lags in most departments, be it scripting or editing. What could have been an engaging thriller turned out to be a grueling hour that seemed endless. In Shardula, nestled in the desert inland of Karnataka, four young children go on an unexpected adventure. Ghosts, chills and fear follow – is a killer on the run or a paranormal experience?

Shardula marks the return of Aravind Kaushik:

The last one to lead the wacky and hilarious hooligans. The film seems like a heartwarming thriller that Sandalwood doesn’t often do. But this film collides with performance and is most noticeable.

This story is about four young people who decide to have a weekend full of adventure and fun before working on the starting technique. However, their idea of ​​adventure takes an unexpected turn when they face several fears, including corpses. The following is a series of accidents involving several paranormal experiences. Who is behind all this?

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Shardula’s room is exciting and shows some promise with the producers, suggesting that this might be a bad thriller. But the story doesn’t have the advantages you’d expect from a film of this genre, and it ends up being something scary. The actor didn’t do it justice either. In the end, the film has turned out to be too long and inconspicuous.

This is the first film to be released after 50% of the film’s opening, with the band “Shraddula” mitigating the Corona issue enough to try to lure filmmakers.

Horror stories and thrillers quickly attract audiences.

Apart from that, this short film was a success with many ups and downs from beginning to end. Actor Chetan Chandra, who appeared on the screen much later, was the highlight of the entire film.

The role of actress Critique Ravindra is a mystery. His character finally gave Bigtwist the script. Actor Raviteya and other actresses Aishwarya Prasad and Navin Kumar in various roles.

Arvind Kaushik, who has written various short stories, first tried to tell The Horror. Very few characters fit into the picture. So much so that the director played the game. Are there ghosts?

It would be better if the director tightened up in the first part of the film. Several questions remained as Critique Ravindra made good use of the opportunity. In the film, he is scared and worried the audience. His character continued to haunt audiences even after the film was released.

Sunny (Chetan Chandra), Sakshi (Aishwarya Prasad) and Darshan (Ravi Teja), Diyksha (Critique Ravindra). Who has been on an exciting journey before starting a software company. Faces the sudden death of their father. He is in the Forest of dead poetry. Believing that he is still in the same Forest, he takes his friends to the Forest with the same curiosity.

On the way to the Forest, he must face the experience of the film.

When they return, someone leaves an unidentified body in their car crash. The sound of the jeep chopping wood made them even more scared. This tone changes during the film. On the one hand, you can become the hero of the same movie. Seeing the jungle in this jungle hides a kind of fear for all of my friends. What scares them is the background of this mosaic and answers. To the curiosity of who is sitting in the car.

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According to the story, Satish Babu’s background music is good, and YJR Manu’s camera works well. Action scenes from Moss, Ultimate Shiva and Violent Velu are celebrated in the same way. Rohit Shantapa and Kalyan made different films about Bhairava Cinema and CVR Cinema.

The film lags in most departments, be it scripting or editing. What could have been an engaging thriller turned out. To be a gruelling hour that seemed endless.