“Selling Tampa” Review: Sunset Sale Spin-off at Sunny State

Selling Tampa is a reality show agency series on Allure Realty founded by Charel Rosado in 2019. They deal with upscale homes in the Tampa area; “We live where other people go on vacation,” said an agent. This is a women-only agency, all BIPOC, mainly since Charelle works in an agency where she is the only woman of colour and wants to change that. Of course, this is a twist on Selling Sunset. All agents have strong personalities that often clash with each other.

Records from Tampa / St. Coast of St. Petersburg. We added a mansion with a selling price of $8.5 million.

Allure is selling the brokerage on this property for $8.5 million. And they will be hosting an open house/girls party for their client. They discussed that the two young and independent sales agents in the office. Anne-Sophie Petty-Freer and Colony Reeves, should dress appropriately and should not take the opportunity to seduce customers. In another house, Colony openly flirts with Cho’s customers. And when Anne-Sophie, a Haitian, arrives, she speaks to the customers in French and harasses Colony incessantly.

We meet two other employees, Havana Colbert and Tenil Moore. Who drink with Charelle as they talk about their home and reunion. Charelle meets former NFL successor Chad “Ocho” Johnson. Tensile calls Havana “HR” because “he is always in every business”.

Once a strong lawyer, Rena Upshaw Fraser, showed a client a house. And put a little pressure on him to make an offer soon after. He is annoyed that Charelle has chosen a photo of the staff he can’t see at the open house.

At some point, Charel had to take a break to help his mother, whose house was on fire. Havana took over and hosted an open house meeting where she read from a Wikipedia entry on “cocktail attire”. Anne-Sophie and Colony scorn Jovan and his micromanagement and complain that Charelle only occasionally comes to the office.

Rena was the first to poke fun at the Havana dress at the party, but Colony agreed in an interview, calling it “terrible”.

Selling Tampa has several advantages over its parent fair, at least comparing how it started. The Allure agency was founded by a woman and had a list of all women, and no misogynistic male boss would refer to this professional and strong woman as a “girl” as Sunset did. Also, since Charel wants to hire black women for his agency, this is an excellent opportunity to showcase BIPOC professionals in their element who do business and make a lot of money.

Of course, the inevitable question arises as to whether we’re ready to see these seemingly successful women interrupt each other and pick things up that no one outside their group cares about. Since real estate pornography is essentially the same as any other real estate reality show, the show’s entertainment value depends on the personalities of the performers. So far, most of the performers are no different, but there is beef.

Will the beef go more profound than the little private fights we saw in the first episode? Possible. And we don’t like to say that, but the earlier the show comes, the better. When we see working women getting personal with each other, we can make more than one person laugh at someone else’s clothing choices, right?

Tampa sales have their issues, and we hope it gets more interesting. But the fact that there is an agency like Allure is enough to recommend the event.