‘Rebelde’ Review: Where Teens Pass A Musical Legacy To Their Most Famous Alumni At Elite Boarding Schools

The masked led the freshmen into a large room and greeted them in a hidden voice. Then we come back a few hours. The first day of the new semester at Elite Way School, now called EWS. There are business and architectural schools, but the most famous programs are the music program.

Where did the famous vocal group Rebelde come from?

The international boarding school singing program includes Jana Cohen (Azul Guaita Bracamontes). A social media pop star is pursuing a severe music career. Esteban Torres (Sergio Mayor Mori), a man who doesn’t know if he’s a match for rich kids. Luca Colucci (Franco Massini) is the spoiled son of a wealthy and influential businessman he rarely sees. Dixon (Franco Massini), a Colombian rapper who wants to maintain his solid image. M. J. (Andrea Chaparo), a religious and sheltered boy from California. And Andy (Lizette Selenium), a rebellious child who appears to be at war with her mother’s boyfriend.

Emilia Alo (Giovanna Grigio), a Brazilian high school student and scholarship holder. Who tells them that the Musical Achievement Program (MEP) is their fastest path to a successful career. The rehearsal will be the next day, and the judges are Emilia and Sebe Langarica (Alejandro Puente). Who are also friends of Yana. Jana and Esteban instantly fell for each other despite their presence. Especially when he told her not to be shy about auditioning for one of their pop songs.

While the students mingle with the crowd, we see Jana and Luke have a story; he pulled her out on purpose a few years ago, and she’s been mad at him ever since. Luca is annoyed that he has to put up with Esteban and Dixon, while M.J. is glad that Jeanne is a roommate. Despite the presence of Perfecta Lourdes (Carla Gascon), who vows to impose a curfew, some students leave their rooms and wander the halls. Esteban and Jana are related to a rearrangement of their songs, and Luca dances as if no one is watching him.

Tonight, the masked student wakes the rookie and throws him into the music room.

In front of them was the uniform that the original members of the Rebels wore during their school days. They ordered Jana, Esteban, Luca, M.J., Andy and Dixon to put on their uniforms and perform one of the band’s songs in hopes of humiliating them. But when the music comes together and all five are fine, there’s even more chaos.

This new version of Rebelde looks like a typical teen drama, with the necessary love and love triangles, “good” and “bad” characters, and a play about a rundown student organization called The Lodge here. We came out of the first few episodes and felt comfortable hanging out with this group of teens, but nothing inspiring about this group kept us going.

There is an inspiring story about singing and rapping, as we saw in the second episode. Esteban is attracted to Luca and his father, Marcello Colucci (Leonardo de Lausanne). When he leaves, he tells his father that he believed he should be here, but it was clear that he was not on EWS for the music program but connected with Luca and Marcello.

While the plot has a bit of a telenovela feel, Esteban at least deepens it beyond the image of a working-class kid trying to fit in with rich kids. We wish the rest of the cast had gotten that treatment, but the cast was more than worth watching to get past the shallower opening episodes. Rebelde is exciting, with an exciting cast that has pretty good chemistry. But that’s not something people fans of the genre haven’t seen.