Rang De Movie Review: Tollywood romance blends well, the cinematics are soothing and comforting

The boy is potrayed to be an idiot and indifferent to all the questions of the heart. The girl is potrayed as very sensitive, intelligent, generous, and very thoughtful.

Like always, the girl falls in love with the boy despite her knowledge of an idiot. Why? Because she thinks she can change his personality and make him a winner like her by glowing with her love and unconditional support. Does this seem familiar? Well, it’s also the premise of the last Telugu movie, Rang De.

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The romantic movie is following the life of a Whinner:

Arjun played by (Nithiin) and his all problems of his childhood friend, Anu played by (Suresh Keerthy). As a child, Arjun felt his family and neighbors loved him. But his popularity disappeared almost instantly with the arrival of the ANU. This finds the deep hatred seed in the heart of Arjun at a very tender age.

His disdaining the ANU grows only more vital. As the ANU is a better person in all conceivable aspects. As compared to him. Although he sees her as his enemy number 1, Anu thinks Arjun is his close friend.

Sometimes even smart people act mute. The ANU is no different. It perceives every action that Arjun must confuse as an expression of love. It even happens at Marry Arjun, despite his open hostility and his strong given and stated objections. The rest of the movie captures the Arjun’s struggling.

The true talent of Director Venky Atluri lies in his ability to take old wine and put it into new bottles. And you can feel like a hypocrite if you complain about this repack. Do you consider having appreciated it? He did a good job restoring the old tropics of Telugu cinema’s romantic comedies with the Rang De.

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With the Rang De, VenkyAtluri brings a “cute” love story:

As he said, it has equal doses of romance, love, jealousy, envy, greed, comedy, and family emotions. All that is a fan of Indian Rom-com would like to get out of a movie.

With films like Tholi Prema and Mr. Majnu establishing the bar of what you should expect from the movie, Venky manages to break his mold when it comes to some topics.

Little Arjun (played in the adulthood of Nithiin) is the apple of his parents’ eye and everyone in his colony. Being the only young child, he is used attracting all the attention since birth.

That is until the four-year-old Anu (played in adulthood by Keerthy Suresh). She makes an entrance into a pink dress and adorable mats to steal all its thunder. Because she is better at everything he is.

He is constantly invited to do better, to be more like her. All Arjun wants is to ensure the life of Anu far from him so that people around him can stop comparing it to her.

All she wants is to make him happy in the hope that he loves him as she loves him. What happens when it’s tired of his disability and decides to give him a taste of his own medicine?

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Tollywood has a way with love stories:

Those who involve neighboring families and neighborhood trails, which are either head-to-face heads from each other, constantly at war. Where Venky manages to put his movie apart from the way he writes the character of the ANU.

Even when she pulls something shocking to make sure. She is not married against her choice. There is only her mother instead of judgment. And she could be head heads for Arjun, but she will not support her nonsense. Scenes of sexual harassment and pregnancy are treated with sensitivity and maturity.

One of the main functions of cinema is to provide comfort, especially when we believe that the world folds on itself. The rank of is one of these films filled with happy moments and well-being.

Familiarity of characters and history works in favor of the film. This looks like a comforting coverage, which gives you a necessary heat and allows you to delight me in the sense of nostalgia.

While Nithiin is the hero, Keerthy Suresh is the star of the show. His presence illuminates the screen and the mood. And its performance also encourages you to invest emotionally in the movie. The cinematography of P. C. SREERAM and the score of Devi Sri Prasad add value to the movie.