Raktanchal Season 2: Release Date, Plot, An Inside View, And What To Expect From Season 2.

One of the best original series by MX player, Raktanchal, has undoubtedly taken the crowd by a storm! Loved and appreciated by critics and the viewers, we eagerly await season 2. 

In this article, we bring you an insider view of the making of season 1 and upcoming season 2 of Raktanchal. Producer Shashank Rai tells all about the challenges posed in making the series. He also discloses the much-awaited information about season 2 and how it will be bigger and better than season 1.

So, if you are keen to know all about the Release Date, plot of the spectacular series so far, what to expect from season 2, be sure to read on. 

Release Date

Season 1 of Raktanchal was out on the 28th of May 2020. It comprised of 10 episodes, and all of the episodes were available altogether. The show became a fan favorite within no time and was also appreciated by the critics. 

Season 1 ended in a cliffhanger, leaving the viewers wondering what will happen in season 2. However, there is no official data about the release date of the second season, the producer of the show, Shashank Rai, has confirmed season 2. He has informally disclosed that season 2 is in a writing phase right now. Therefore, we can expect it to come out somewhere in mid to late 2021.


So far, the plot features the two protagonists, Vijay Singh and Waseem Khan, as two mighty Mafia trying to conquer all Purvanchal. Set in the ’80s, Raktanchal is all about the play of power, politics, dominance, and war between two infamous gangs. 

An Inside View:

Pinaka studio Pvt Ltd’s owner Shashank Rai, who also happens to be the producer of Raktanchal, in an interview, says that the journey of the show was not comfortable and that it took over a year for him to write the series. He also expresses his gratitude towards MX player and how they supported Shashank in his journey of writing and producing Raktanchal.

Shashank also tells how he even got calls from real gangsters, asking about the show’s inspiration and whom the story was written about, and whether it was real. To which he replied that his story is a work of fiction mixed with reality. He also confirmed that even they enjoyed the show and appreciated it.

Being asked about season 2, Shashank refused to disclose March, but he did confirm that season 2 will be coming for sure.

He said: “We are writing season 2, which will be bigger and better than season 1. I am sure that people have High Hopes from season 2. Now, the difficulty in front of us is to make season 2 even more significant than season 1. I cannot disclose anything else, but I am sure that viewers will surely Love Season 2.”

What To Expect From Season 2:

Season 1 ended at a point that nobody expected. Vijay and Waseem are at the bridge with their gangs. After the gunfight, seemingly Vijay is more wounded than Waseem. Towards the end of the episode, Vijay falls from the bridge into the river down below. It is shown that he died, but then to everybody’s surprise, in the next scene, he is being rescued by some villagers. 

Therefore, this particular moment opens up the possibility of season 2. With Vijay still being alive, the possibility of the great war all over again has only increased. As producer Shashank Rai confirmed, the story of season 2 will pack a punch, filled with unexpected twists and turns. It will be much better and grander than season 1.

In conclusion, season 2 is going to be a banger. We cannot wait for season 2 of Raktanchal, and all the fight, the gore, the drama, and the thrill. We are sure you cannot either. Therefore, to know more about season 2, check us out again as we will be updating all the new information that we get and as soon as we get it.